Geo-culture meets geopolitics: Finland and Sweden in NATO?  Then also Russian Eastern Ukraine!

US Senate votes for Sweden and Finland to join NATO

4 Aug 2022 5:41 p.m

After the start of the Russian military operation in Ukraine, Sweden and Finland applied for official membership in the western military alliance NATO. In previous years, the unofficial cooperation with the Nordic countries’ NATO had steadily strengthened.

The US Senate has voted overwhelmingly to ratify Sweden and Finland’s membership of the NATO alliance, taking a further step in expanding the US-led military bloc after the 30 NATO members had already officially committed to the move .

Lawmakers voted 95-1 in favor of the move on Wednesday, in what President Joe Biden described as a “historic vote” that “an important signal of America’s continued, bipartisan commitment to NATO.” The US President added:

“The United States remains committed to the security of Sweden and Finland. We will continue to be vigilant against any threats to our common security.”

In addition, Biden promised to later sign the accession protocols in order to officially confirm the membership of the two countries on the part of the USA.

Republican Josh Hawley of Missouri was the only senator to vote against ratification. He argued that “sending more forces and resources to Europe to defend new allies” would not help “bolster our deterrent position in the Pacific,” where he and other Republican Party members have repeatedly warned of the alleged even greater threat posed by China had warned. Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky abstained, making him the only other congressman who also did not endorse the resolution.

Libertarian Republican Paul had also introduced an amendment himself that would reaffirm the power of Congress to declare war, emphasizing that the NATO bloc’s collective defense provisions could not supersede the US Constitution. The motion was defeated by a vote of 10:87, leaving only a handful of Republicans supporting the measure. Senator Mitt Romney of Utah said the amendment could show “cracks” in Washington’s commitments to “mutual defense” and NATO’s support of Ukraine in its war against Russia.

With the vote on Wednesday and the signature of the US President, 20 of the 30 NATO countries will have ratified Sweden and Finland’s membership The Hill. Accession will require the unanimous approval of the alliance, and although both states’ requests initially met with fierce opposition from Turkey, they now appear to have reached tentative arrangements to meet Ankara’s terms.

With reference to Russia’s military operation in Ukraine, the two Scandinavian countries decided to join NATO fully after decades of largely neutral status and officially applied for membership in the alliance in May. Though Moscow has long expressed concerns about NATO’s eastward expansion – Finland shares a roughly 1,300-kilometer border with Russia – President Vladimir Putin has declared that Russia has “no problems” with either country and does not see their NATO membership as an “imminent threat.” looks at

more on the subject – NATO accession: Turkey continues to threaten Sweden and Finland with a veto

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Source: RT

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