Tomb Raider: Square Enix Removes Script From Next Leaked Game… So Was It True?

A few days ago, the Web ignited around an astonishing leaked around the next game tomb Raideralready formalized for development under Unreal Engine 5. Colin Moriarty, podcast host Sacred Symbolsdeclared in the latest issue of his show that he had got his hands on the script used to cast dubbing actors for this future titleand he actually read it.

The story would revolve around a Lara Croft “at the top of her game”, now an experienced adventurer. While she chained quests in forgotten places in search of lost secrets, her legend is known to all, she who regularly makes the front page of the tabloids and who generated a new generation of treasure hunters. The heroine would however suffer from her loneliness to which she would have become accustomed, but everything will change when she will have to collaborate with other raiders to overcome a problem too big to handle alone.

The purported casting notes mention secondary characters named will become and Tanviand especially the search fora British lead actress in her mid-thirties, in the vein of Emily Blunt and Rosamund Pike (who are 39 and 43 years old). They would also refer to romantic scenes with another female character », implying a homosexuality or a bisexuality of Lara Croft, she, however, little accustomed to love affairs in the saga of video games. The author Jackson Lanzing had for memory wanted to create a romance between Laura and Sam Nishimura in the comics Tomb Raider: Infernobefore making her a simple “best friend”.

These possible leaks are crisp, but even though Colin Moriarty is appreciated and recognized in the industry, he does not have a reputation forinsider accustomed to the leaks behind him, so what proves to us that the documents he recovered are authentic? Well the answer would surely be the request of Square-Enix at Patreon to withdraw the number of the podcast at the heart of the case, for reasons of copyright infringement. For the record, the publisher is still the owner of Crystal Dynamicsthe time that the takeover by Embrace Group be closed.

And if there’s a call to Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)) rather than shouting at fake, that would almost automatically mean that this synopsis of the next tomb Raider is right. Of course, it could be a dated document and the scenario could evolve between now and the end of production, but we would therefore have an idea of ​​the course that Crystal Dynamics for her next game. With more secondary characters or even cooperative multiplayer, and a potentially lesbian heroine? We will have the answer in the months or years to come. Until then, Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition is available from €19.80 on

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