This is the common rheumatic disease that doubles the risk of heart attack

This is the common rheumatic disease that doubles the risk of heart attack

Having an episode of gout, in which one of your joints swells up and causes excruciating pain, is something no one would ever want. However, when you lose dietary controlis one of the many detrimental consequences that they can suffer.

This is confirmed by a study carried out by the University of Nottingham and published in the journal JAMAwhich also suggests that gout attacks not only cause pain, but also increase cardiovascular risk. Apparently, after suffering it, in the following months it is more likely to have a heart attack or a stroke.

Gout is one of the forms of arthritis best known and is estimated to affect more than 800,000 people each year only in Spain, although many of these cases are not diagnosed correctly. It is known that this pathology occurs due to the accumulation of high levels of uric acid in blood, a substance present in certain foods and drinks.

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When there is an excess of uric acid in the blood, it is deposited in and around the joints in the form of urate crystals needle-like. Once released from their deposits, these crystals cause intense inflammation, joint pain, swelling, redness, and tenderness, which can last one to two weeks. These are known as ‘gout attacks’, which tend to recur over time.

It is known that people with gout also tend to have other cardiovascular risk factorsalthough there is no evidence on whether there is a direct relationship between gout attacks and heart attacks or strokes.

double the chances

So the study, led by Professor Abhishek of the University of Nottingham Medical School, used anonymous data from 62,574 patients who suffered from gout and were treated by the UK National Health Service. Of all of them, 10,475 experienced a heart attack or a stroke after a diagnosis of gout.

According to the study results, patients with gout who suffered a heart attack or stroke had the double the odds having suffered an attack of gout in the 60 days prior cardiovascular event and 1.5 times more likely to have had a gout attack in the previous 60-120 days.

These data were also analyzed excluding patients who already suffered from previous heart disease or a previous episode of cerebral stroke and even analyzing short periods such as 15 or 30 days after the gout attack. Even so, the chances of suffering an event after the attack of gout they kept.

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Furthermore, patients with gout who passed away due to a heart attack or a cerebral stroke had four times more more than twice as likely to have had a gout attack in the previous 60 days and more than twice as likely to have had a gout attack in the previous 60-120 days.

Risk population

As Abhishek explains, this would be the first study to examine whether there is a direct relationship between a recent gout flare and a cardio or cerebrovascular event. The conclusion is therefore that gout flares they do temporarily increase the chances to experience this type of event.

For this reason, he details, people who suffer from recurrent gout episodes should be studied exhaustively to obtain a long term treatment with drugs that reduce uric acid levels in the blood, in order to prevent urate crystal deposits and therefore gout flare-ups.

It even suggests the use of treatments anti-inflammatories drugs, such as colchicine, during the first months after the gout episode, since uric acid-lowering drugs cannot be used during or immediately after gout flare-ups, as they may increase the chance of a recurrence.

Finally, the authors suggest the need for people suffering from episodes of gout to adopt a healthy life style and appropriate treatment for other cardiovascular risk factors, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes or obesity, in order to minimize the risk of suffering cardio or cerebrovascular events.

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