The maximum number of ITV stickers that you can carry on the windshield without being fined

The maximum number of ITV stickers that you can carry on the windshield without being fined

The windshield of the vehicles is usually adorned, by obligation, with the ITV sticker and, it is that, carrying many can be a reason for a fine.

The ITV stickers are the indication that the vehicle you are in has passed all the necessary tests so that it can circulate. The natural position of this sticker is in the upper right corner of the windshield wiper, being an element that must be easily and quickly distinguished by any agent.

The latter is the subject that the following lines are going to deal with, and it is that, in a collector’s zeal or for the simple fact of demonstrating that the vehicle has gone through an infinity of ITV, what many users do is collect all the stickers. Yes, those people who keep the ITV stickers like festival bracelets on their wrists at the end of the summer.

By doing this, the truth is that, to a certain extent, a rule of the General Traffic Regulations is being breached and, being more specific, in article 19 what is marked is that the glazed surface of the vehicle must allow the driver to have a complete view of the entire road on which he is circulating.

In short, the front glass must be completely clear in order to have a full view of what is happening. What does all this have to do with ITV stickers? The truth is that quite a lot and for this you just have to go back to what we discussed at the beginning, those users who collect ITV stickers.

And, it is that, it is not normal to carry an excessive number of these indicators on the upper right side of the windshield, being the specific number of stickers necessary to win a fine an indefinite figure at a general level and that it will only be defined when an agent decides to fine you for the ITV stickers that are still stuck on your windshield.

Let’s see, You have to understand that the number has to be something quite exaggerated since you usually see vehicles with a couple of stickers to which absolutely nothing happens. Of course, in the case of finding a car that has a respectable age, it is most likely that it has accumulated a significant amount. Being able to receive a fine of between 80 and 200 euros.

In these cases, you are more likely to run into problems at the hands of the agents than if, for example, you have four stickers on your windshield wipers. The best advice in these cases is to remove the sticker from the previous revision and always carry the latest sticker. that ensures that you have passed the ITV.


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