A day laborer working on a farm.

The man who raped a day laborer in Murcia will not go to jail and will have to pay 6,000 euros

The events occurred in the month of May of last 2019. A man, 67 years old, raped and brutally beat a Paraguayan day laborer in the back of a van. Despite acknowledging the facts, he has been sentenced to pay 6,000 euros in compensation for damages, a ban on approaching the victim, five years of probation and to complete a sex education program.

According to the ruling, collected by The Opinion of Murcia, the individual went to look for the victim in Archena to later move to a farm in Yéchar, in Mula. It was there that he stopped the vehicle and, after the woman’s questions about why she had taken him to that place, the man replied: “Shut up: if you don’t want problems with me, do what I ask you to do.”

The aggressor did not allow the victim to leave and it was in the back of the van where, finally, He ended up raping the woman, whom he also beat on several occasions. “You’re a whore: if you stayed with me and got in the car, you already knew what was going to happen,” added the man. Subsequently, the individual attacked the victim again, to which he ended up threatening to fire her if she told what happened. “If you say anything about this, both you and your countrymen are going to lose your job,” he said.

A day laborer working on a farm.

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Despite the words of his attacker, The woman denounced the facts and managed to get the individual imprisoned for half a year. However, according to this local media in Murcia, despite the fact that the case reached the Provincial Court of the region, the trial was never held as there was agreement between the parties.

The woman, of Paraguayan origin, was a temporary contract employee through a temporary employment agency. He was dedicated to apricot picking on the land whose owner, at that time, was his aggressor.

The individual acknowledged the facts and agreed to the penalties agreed at that time. After the resolution of the Provincial Court of Murcia, the man had to pay the legal costs, an amount that was already paid to the victim before the trial. She will not be able to approach less than 500 meters from the woman and must compensate her with an amount of 6,000 euros for the damage caused. In addition, you will have to face freedom supervised with which he undertakes not to reoffend again and Join a sex education program.

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