The La Matanza nurse was about to move in with her children and leave her partner

The La Matanza nurse was about to move in with her children and leave her partner

Elizabeth Di Leggethe nurse whose body was found on Monday in the shed of her house, in González Catán, He was about to leave his partner, the man who has been detained since yesterday because the justice considers him suspected of having committed the femicide. The woman, detailed judicial sources, was finalizing formal details to move in with her three children and leave Silvio Espindola, father of the boys and nurse like her. During Tuesday’s investigation, Espindola, 44, pleaded not guilty.

Di Legge “was about to leave the house, he was trying to get a guarantee and he had already seen a place. And just when he was about to leave, this happened. He had a lot of projects and this happened the same,” said an investigator of the case. . That information and the investigative statement that Espíndola gave yesterday to the prosecutor of the Functional Instruction Unit (UFI) Thematic Homicides of La Matanza, Federico Medoneended up supporting the arrest request, which finally endorsed the Judge of Guarantees 6 of La Matanza, Carina Andrijasevich.

Investigators are still waiting for reports to determine if Di Legge was murdered or if she could have injected herself with a substance that caused her death.

The preliminary results of the autopsy established that the woman had no visible injuries and that she died as a result of a “respiratory depression”, which could be linked to the ampoules of painkillers, anxiolytics and opioids, such as fentanyl, that were found next to his body. Among the pending studies are the toxicological analyzes that specify if these substances caused her death and, in that case, if she injected them herself or if it was Espíndola.

Why investigators suspect Espíndola

The suspicions about Espíndola are based on the statements of numerous witnesses who assured that the man subjected Di Legge to gender violenceand that she was planning to leave him.

During the investigation on Tuesday, the investigators detailed, Espíndola was very meticulous in his narration of the 72 hours prior to the discovery of the woman’s body, an attitude that contrasts with the fact that he had not found the woman’s body for days, despite that the body was in a shed in his own house.

“The issue of gender violence is what inclines the investigation to the hypothesis of femicide. Also some attitudes of the accused, who gave an account of the previous hours with an overwhelming level of detail but when he had to explain why he did not check the shed where the body was finally found, he was totally inaccurate”said the spokesman.

Prosecutor Medone has a period of 15 days, plus another 15 days of extension, to gather the evidence and decide whether to request the preventive detention of Espíndola for “homicide doubly aggravated by the bond and for mediating gender violence”, a crime that provides for the life imprisonment.

On Tuesday, the judge of Guarantees 6 of La Matanza, Carina Andrijasevich, granted the request of the prosecution and converted Espíndola’s arrest into formal detention, for which he will remain in prison while his situation is resolved.

In the resolution, the judge considered that “in the range between 6:00 p.m. on July 29 and 6:00 a.m. on July 30 (…) a man administered doses of propofol, atracurium, fentanyl and midazolam to his partner, This with clear intentions of causing his death.

A disappearance at home

Di Legge was found dead in a shed in the house she shared with her partner and three children, days after Espíndola reported that she had disappeared.

The nurse was lying dead sitting on a chair and had an intravenous line connected to a serum and a syringe applied to the tube. Next to her, several vials of propofol (anesthetic), atracuarium (relaxant), fentanyl (opioid) and midazolam (anxiolytic) were found.

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