The eye of Le Matin: Act now or never to curb the black series of domestic violence

The eye of Le Matin: Act now or never to curb the black series of domestic violence

Tragic month of July for the Malian woman. A woman pregnant with twins who is killed by her husband. A young lady asphyxiated by her husband. Another murdered overnight and hastily buried in her living room. Not to mention those who dress from head to toe to better hide bruises or scars from blows struck by a jealous companion or addicted to narcotics or followers of Bacchus. All these anonymous victims who no longer know to whom to entrust their marital drama on a daily basis. So many tragedies in recent weeks in our homes.

Ironically, it is this month of July that the pioneers of emancipation and our Pan-Africanist leaders have dedicated to the African woman through the celebration of the Pan-African Women’s Day. We have the impression that the more we talk about it, we denounce it (marches, conference-debates, etc.), the more the scourge grows. And each time, these heinous crimes bring up the question of a law

Faced with the increase in tragedies, a law is more necessary than ever. But, maybe we need to change our approach. Instead of a bill, perhaps a bill is needed. And this transition gives us a great opportunity to achieve that. The organizations that organized the march on June 3, 2022, in particular the APDF and Halte aux violences conjugales, must organize themselves to lobby the National Council of the Transition (CNT). This bill can be carried by women members of this transitional legislative body or its law commission.

And to give the text a better chance of passing, it will be necessary to communicate on the content and the objective sought by going, for example, to meet Muslim organizations (High Council of Islam, the National Union of Muslim Women, etc.) whose fear would justify the reluctance of various governments and legislatures to legislate on these generally passionate crimes. It will be necessary to approach all religious leaders without prejudice without prejudice. And this all the more so since we cannot fight a socio-cultural scourge by casting opprobrium on a religion.

We don’t think he has a happier wife than a man who really has faith. We are not talking about those who limit religion to mimicry or who hide behind misogynistic interpretations of religious precepts to give vent to their demonic impulses. But, of those who have really understood their religion in order to live it better.

When the content and the objective are well explained, there is a good chance of having unanimity around a law. This is about saving lives. And all the monotheistic religions sanctify life like Woman for that matter. They do not make woman a being inferior to man, but a complementary person, a partner, the other half of her person. There is therefore no reason for us not to agree on the means of protecting it.

The law makes it possible to prevent, to dissuade before repressing. He who kills his wife and or the one who takes the life of his husband, does not deserve the death penalty, but a life sentence to be able to reflect all his life on his crime and its consequences! And that long before the divine justice that awaits him in the other world.

Today, the transition gives us a great opportunity to act or never against domestic violence!

Moussa Bolly

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