Six ways to get puffed up clothes.  You will get rid of the annoying balls

Six ways to get puffed up clothes. You will get rid of the annoying balls

Pilling on clothes, i.e. tiny balls that form on the fabric, do not look aesthetically pleasing. It is a common problem that makes clothes look very worn. There are several ways to save the situation. It’s worth trying them out to get your clothes back looking good.

Annoying balls on the fabric appear on frequently worn clothes. They are very often related to our favorite sweaters, which we are very eager to wrap ourselves with. The appearance of pillows does not mean that your favorite piece of clothing is only suitable for walking around the house. Effective ways to remove the beads and refresh the look of your clothes can be used.

Six ways to get puffed up clothes


This is an old method of bringing clothes back to working condition. Place the clothes you need to refresh on a clean, flat surface. Use one hand to hold the fabric so that it does not move, and use a pumice stone in the other to run it over the garment. Do this gently so as not to damage it. You can also wrap a very sharp pumice stone in an unused knee sock or a piece of pantyhose.

The rough side of the dishwasher

If you don’t have a pumice stone handy, but a clean sponge with a rough side, you can try to remove puffiness with it. The principle of operation is the same as that of a pumice stone.

Clothes roll

This is one of the most delicate methods, so it is recommended for delicate clothes and light pilling. When you move the roll over the material, its sticky side should pick up small balls.

Adhesive tape

If you don’t have a roll at hand, you can use a wide adhesive tape, e.g. for packing packages. Its sticky surface should also stick smaller balls together.

The razor

You can use the razor to cut fluff. Lay the garment flat and, holding the material with your hand, run over it from top to bottom to cut off the balls. In this method you have to be very careful and gentle, because the blades can cut through the material without any problems ..

Shaver for puffed clothes

It is the most effective and professional aid to remove pilling from clothes without damaging the fabric. The electric shaver will quickly and accurately handle the balls attached to the material. Run it gently over your clothes and the shaver will cut unsightly balls. The cuttings will go to a special container, thanks to which you will avoid additional cleaning.

Before you start removing pilling from all material, test a given method on a small and invisible fragment of it. It is worth making sure that the clothes will not be accidentally damaged.

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