PHOTO: Reddit user creates the first image of the TRAPPIST-1 system, whose planets could harbor life

PHOTO: Reddit user creates the first image of the TRAPPIST-1 system, whose planets could harbor life


5 Aug 2022 01:52 GMT

The image was developed based on information from the James Webb Space Telescope.

A Reddit user took public information from the James Webb Space Telescope to create the first picture of the TRAPPIST-1 Dwarf Star, whose seven surrounding planets are the subject of investigation to determine if they can harbor life.

The image, developed by user arizonaskies2022, shows the red dwarf star, and what would be a planet as it passes in front of it. TRAPPIST-1 is a star system that is located 40 light years from Earth, to which the James Webb telescope points.

“Both images are raw public data files,” arizonaskies2022 explained, adding that it only did “minimal processing” and “none of the images are cropped,” but only applied “a bit of stretch and color.”

For her part, Olivia Lim, principal investigator of the space telescope program that studies seven planets of the TRAPPIST-1 system, manifested that the objective of the investigation is to know if the “planets TRAPPIST-1b, c, g and h they have atmosphere or not”, which is a requirement for the potential presence of life. In addition, he expressed that for this purpose, an attempt will be made to “detect characteristics of molecules such as carbon dioxide, water and ozone in the transit spectra of these planets.”

While Jacob Lustig-Yaeger, co-investigator for a TRAPPIST-1h observing program, added that “this system provides an opportunity to prove the concept of the habitable zone outside the Solar System.” “TRAPPIST-1 is so different from the Sun, and the planets orbit so close to it, that there are likely to be many surprises in our study of this system, and our efforts to understand those surprises will push the limits of of planetary science,” he added.

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