Of American jaunts and the end of mankind

Of American jaunts and the end of mankind

by Tom Wellbrock

Aiman ​​al-Zawahiri was Osama bin Laden’s deputy, the media write. It will probably be true. And because that’s the case, the Americans just bombed the man off his balcony and into the afterlife.

Why? Well, because he’s a terrorist, and because this state-ordered assassination is a fancy retaliation for 9/11. Can you do that if your name is USA. Court hearings, verdicts, penalties, that’s trifles for the USA. You kill at will. And because there isn’t that much going on in the Ukraine at the moment (who still wants to hear Zelenskiy’s daily intelligence attacks?), you can also make a detour to Taiwan. Just for fun. Because your name is Nancy, and Pelosi too.

That could start World War III, but hey, when rich old ladies take air travel, they also want to see something, want to go where it hurts, sort of. The President of the United States, an old white man with a reasonable remaining life expectancy, knew about Pelosi’s jaunt but didn’t want to say anything about it. Maybe he wanted it too, but forgot about it. Or he looks for this strange Taiwan on his office globe.

This mixture of stupidity, senility, megalomania and narcissism puts humanity in grave danger, perhaps worse than ever. And since the question is which dies first, the American empire or its current emperor, now is the time to move fast. When one’s own death is an increasingly undeniable fact, the death of others seems to be psychologically life-prolonging. It’s not logical, but who cares about logic in 2022?

The giant USA has been faltering for quite a while. But now you can follow the fall into the dust of human history in what feels like super slow motion. This fall cannot be stopped, the sluggish mass has to admit defeat to gravity, no twitching or roaring helps. But it can’t do any harm either, that’s how US politics seems to tick. Clinging to the brink, knowing that saving it would destroy many lives, the hero acts like a gentleman. He says:

“Let me go, it’s better that way, I’d rather die than the many people who lose their lives through my rescue.”

In the end, Trude and Peter find themselves living happily ever after, and their real names appear in the credits. Evil acts differently in this situation. It is hanging on the abyss and has to realize that nobody is there who wants to save it. It has alienated too many, and tormented people are like elephants: they do not forget. And so the evil says:

“If you don’t want to save me, you shouldn’t be saved either! I may die, but I’ll take you with me.”

There are no credits in this scenario. It does not bode well that the imperial and hostile policies of the US and its vassals are now being unsubtly portrayed. Gradually, even the most abstruse justifications for provocations and escalations disappear. It probably won’t be long before the Americans invade countries with the indication that they feel like it. No more constructed crises, no baptized villains, only invasion, provocation, war. Because they can. Because they want it. It doesn’t matter why they want it anymore, Americans do what they want to do.

And the baerbocks of this world are siding with her (so there are a few out there who want to help the bad guy). They invoke solidarity with their partner, insist on democracy and human rights, rave about the amusing tingling sensation that a finger produces on the red button, and spit – figuratively speaking – on the heads of those who once elected them. Ah, that was so long ago.

Let’s not fool ourselves: there will be no more ignition, fires will be set, more will follow. Anyone who still believes that “the West” has anything like peace or even just peaceful coexistence in mind also believes that putting a glass of water on butter won’t melt it in the sun.

And many of us still believe that things won’t get that bad after all – the war, the rising prices, the drive against the wall, they won’t do that after all. Or? More like “or”. They do it. Every day. They escalate, provoke, exert pressure, have their finger on the trigger. And again and again the trigger is pulled, here and there, small holes and larger craters determine the image of the earth from a bird’s eye view.

The bad thing about it: Since the beginning of the year, the irresponsible leaders have acquired a new hobby: heavy weapons. They are still in the wrong hands. And they can start a war that would be humanity’s last.

Tom J. Wellbrock is an author and copywriter. He runs the Neulandrebellen blog.

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Source: RT

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