Nine weddings, a quarrel with Pugacheva and the theft of Julian’s sperm. Queen of Passions Anastasia

Anastasia was born in the family of documentary filmmaker Lyudmila Saldadze and actor Vladimir Protasenko. Since the parents disappeared on the set and rehearsals, the grandmother Anna Shmeleva was mainly responsible for raising the girl. And although Nastya rarely saw her relatives, their divorce was a huge shock for her: the child even ended up in the hospital with a nervous breakdown.

Could the girl then imagine how many times the word “divorce” would thunder in her personal life? On August 4, Anastasia turns 57, and we talk about all the ups and downs of her career and numerous marriages.

Singing actress

Anastasia performed with Alexander Sklyarov the song

Anastasia performed with Alexander Sklyarov the song “We are on the way with you”

As a child, Nastya was distinguished by a violent temper and constantly played war with the boys. Nevertheless, the little hooligan dreamed of the profession of a biologist, which requires discipline. At the same time, the girl went to a music school, and at 16 genes took over, and she entered the Pike. True, in the future, the star noted that she appeared in front of the selection committee just for the company with her girlfriend.

The student spent her first scholarship on horse racing, which upset her grandmother very much: Anna Ivanovna was worried that Nastya inherited from her father not only artistry, but also gambling addiction. The girl promised never to bet again and kept her word.

In the film

In the film “Appeal” with Vyacheslav Tikhonov, the singer got a cameo role

Anastasia worked part-time at the Durov Animal Theater, performing the songs of the Badger and the Fox. Here she was noticed by Vladimir Shainsky, who advised her to seriously take up vocals. The composer brought the girl to the Wider Circle program, where she sang a duet with Alexander Sklyarov, but the full-fledged musical career of the red-haired artist started later: after graduating from college, our heroine served for three years at the Moscow Drama Theater.

After several years on the stage and filming in “Appeal”, Anastasia realized that she could also be realized as a singer, turning each performance into a small performance. The star began with rock compositions, and considered her vocal debut a concert in Bryansk. Soon, the girl released the album “High Heel”, and her tracks “Mom’s Cross” and “Queen of Golden Sand” became hits.

A bold statement and distance from Pugacheva

In 1993, Radio Rocks dubbed Anastasia the singer of the year, and this status was reinforced by her collaboration with Yulian and Akim Salbiev. The artist toured Europe and the USA, and in Russia she became famous not only for her bright hits, but also for her bold position: in 1996, in the Sharks of the Pen program, she was openly indignant at the fact that performers were forced to pay for rotation on radio and TV.

“Everyone was supportive. Behind the scenes. Many supported loudly. Nani Bregvadze, Kobzon, Serov… True, soon Serov was frightened and recanted, because he turned out to be a wise minnow… Supported by the composer Oleg Ivanov, who apologized for the fact that I, a woman, had to start all this, and our men are not brave enough, ”- noted Anastasia.

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From that moment on, the singer’s work was increasingly called “unformatted”, the censors cut her numbers from the programs, and the organizers did not invite the artist to the national events. A piquant situation happened with the vocalist and with Alla Pugacheva: in 1997, Philip Kirkorov noted that only two performers refused to participate in the gala concert in honor of the Prima Donna’s birthday, and a month later our heroine admitted that she was one of them.

“I refused because I had three reasons. Firstly, I never sing to the soundtrack, and this concert was absolutely all to the soundtrack – that was the condition for participation. I can’t deceive people: go out and open your mouth. Secondly, I am not fond of karaoke at all, I have enough of my own songs. And thirdly, it was such an obvious gathering of a side dish in order to show a cutlet in a plate … I have never been a side dish and never will be. In general, I did not see the expediency of my participation in this concert, to be honest. And then “on the nose” was a big trip to the Far East. I knew perfectly well that I would not have the opportunity to prepare, ”Anastasia explained.

Years later, the singer said that she was often compared with Alla Pugacheva: because of the repertoire, image, hair color, hairstyle. Nevertheless, the stars shared one stage and once communicated warmly, not considering each other as competitors. Relations deteriorated when Anastasia merged from that holiday concert, and then refused to sell or donate the composition “Last Coin” that Pugacheva liked. “Something like a toad strangled me right at this moment,” Anastasia recalled in the “Secret for a Million” program on NTV, noting that she now doubts the correctness of the act.

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Despite the problems with colleagues in show business, the singer did not give up and continued to make her way in her work. She recorded albums, gave charity concerts, toured, voiced cartoons. In 2007, the artist played in the play “Peter-Moscow-Paris” with Stas Sadalsky and performed with a solo program at the Moscow Variety Theater. Well, in 2021, the star reminded of herself by appearing in the Superstar! Return”, where she took fourth place.

Numerous husbands

For the first time, Anastasia Protasenko changed her surname to Mintskovskaya – at 18 she married an old friend, engineer Alexei Mintskovskiy. In the third year, the student gave birth to a daughter, Anna, but when the girl was one and a half years old, her mother and father divorced.

There were many suitors around the singer, but there were few worthy among them. So, according to rumors, the second husband of the artist was a gigolo and even a thief, because he took out half the apartment, taking advantage of the trust of the star. The third spouse turned out to be a terrible jealous one, something went wrong with the fourth one … In general, Anastasia did not like to talk about her first marriages, so the fans did not know all of her chosen ones by name.

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Standing apart on the list was Vladimir Zudin, who became the producer and director of the Anastasia Theater. The lovers have been through a lot together. So, in 2014, due to the fault of a pyromaniac, the couple’s dacha in the Tver region burned down. The house was not insured, so the damage was enormous. Moreover, the fire destroyed important documents confirming the work experience of the artist, so the Pension Fund this year refused to deduct her. “The Pension Fund is relying on this! They say that archives have not been preserved in theaters! What is happening now is simply rude! So no one has humiliated me yet, ”the star was indignant.

Marriage with Julian and return to Vladimir

Anastasia’s relationship with Zudin went wrong after more than 10 years of marriage. According to rumors, the singer had more than once twisted intrigues on the side, but the last straw was her passionate affair with Julian, who for a long time was content with the status of a friend and colleague of the star. A quarter of a century later, the artists realized that they were in love, and in 2018 they told the whole country about their feelings.

A musician eight years younger helped the performer with finances and gave her a three-story mansion, but the singer herself promised to bequeath all her property to her lover. In March 2019, the artists got married, but their honeymoon was ruined by a dog that bit Anastasia. Whether it was a bad sign or not, the couple soon started talking about serious problems in their marriage.

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The fact is that Julian dreamed of children and insisted that Anastasia undergo an IVF procedure. The star noted that she took a health risk for the sake of her lover. Scheduled sex became another problem: from now on, the musician shared a bed with his wife only on fertile days. In addition, due to family troubles, the artist left the stage for a while, which she did not like at all.

A year later, Julian announced the impending divorce from his wife, and behind her back. The singer considered this act a betrayal, so she called her husband and started a tough conversation with him. “He, as if in a frying pan, began to fiddle, to lie about something. I hate people who lie. Well tell me straight! I tried to save this marriage, although it was already in my liver. I didn’t get the happiness I expected. Immediately after the wedding, scandals and reproaches began, ”Anastasia was indignant in the program“ Andrey Malakhov. Live” channel “Russia 1”.

But that’s not all, because Julian literally accused Anastasia of stealing sperm: they say that the singer didn’t go to her friend’s clinic for procedures, so it’s not clear who got the biomaterial. The artist even suggested that he became a donor for several unknown women…

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The singer realized that she had made a huge mistake when she mistook a close friendship with a colleague for love. The artists managed to reconcile after a scandalous divorce, accompanied by mutual accusations, and resume joint performances. The vocalist managed to improve her personal life: almost immediately after breaking up with Julian, she began to communicate with Vladimir Zudin.

The ex-husband, whom Anastasia betrayed, not only accepted a sincere apology, but again led his beloved down the aisle. As the star admitted, this trip to the registry office turned out to be her ninth in a row. “I am a fatalist, I believe in fate, I am even ready to go on about this fate. If it is destined by God, this miracle will surely appear, ”the artist told about the meeting with Vladimir.

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One can only admire Zudin’s attitude towards his wife: despite what happened, the producer continued to speak with trepidation about his wife, condescendingly accept her mistakes, and also stand up for the haters. So, recently, spiteful critics have noted that Anastasia has greatly recovered and aged, but Vladimir does not consider the changes critical. “You can’t be younger. But many write: “You look so bad now.” Of course, 30 years ago we all looked different, we were slim. But we must pay tribute – the voice does not change, ”the man emphasized in the program“ When everyone is at home ”of the Russia 1 channel.

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