Nabilla "a big mouth": her teachers reveal what they thought of her

Nabilla “a big mouth”: her teachers reveal what they thought of her

Nabilla has become a real star in France. After having started in the world of reality TV, she knew how to become a businesswoman. Her teachers were kind enough to reveal what they thought of the one they may have had as a student in college.

It was in 2013 that the Nabilla phenomenon was launched. While the NRJ 12 channel is broadcasting season 5 of reality tv angels, a sentence from the young woman will create a buzz and propel her into the spotlight. ” No but hello, what ! You are a girl and you do not own any shampoo “. It was enough for the Web to get carried away and for Nabilla to be on everyone’s lips.

Whether she is mocked or adored, the important thing is that we were talking about her. She has also been invited to all the biggest television sets.

But over the years, Nabilla has tried to change her image. From unsophisticated bimbo to influencer and respected businesswoman, it has been a long journey and a stay in prison which has not failed to mark a turning point in her personal and professional life.

Nabilla and her husband Thomas Vergara @Instagram

Teachers tell the teenager she was

Our colleagues from Parisian devoted a whole series of articles to Nabilla. The opportunity for them to collect the testimonials of some teachers who may have had her as a student when she was still a college student.

Then they found her “intelligent”, “charismatic” but “often angry”.

His ninth-grade history teacher said:

The ongoing exchanges were good. But there was not enough personal work. I teased her to react.

For others, Nabilla was a “big mouth in search of limits”. Becoming a “star” was her ultimate goal and she apparently didn’t hide it. If no one was to believe it at the time, Nabilla was able to prove the opposite, she who is now followed by nearly 8 million people on Instagram.

A divorce that shaped his adolescence

Nabilla says it herself:

I was pampered and even brought up well. (…) I don’t even have the excuse of coming from a rotten background.

But if she rebelled, it was also because of her parents’ divorce, which affected her a lot. Her need for freedom soon came into conflict with her father’s character. When he saw his daughter in skimpy outfits on reality TV sets, it didn’t help things at all, quite the contrary. Today, everything has calmed down between them, to the delight of the young woman.


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