Massa's ads had little taste for social movements

Massa’s ads had little taste for social movements

After the economic announcements of Sergio Massa, the Great Homeland Front, which has Juan Grabois as a reference, announced that it could withdraw its deputies, councilors and legislators from the ruling bloc. “The general feeling of our force that our government is not defending popular interests,” he said in a statement. In the social movements, the measures taken by the new economy minister received much criticism and little support. From the Piquetera Unit they also strongly questioned the fact that Massa had failed to take action to restore income for formal and informal workers – the exception was retirees. This Thursday morning a delegation from the Piquetera Unit went to request an audience with the minister and next week they will go out on the streets again. For its part, in the albertista movements, such as Evita and Somos Barrios de Pie, there were silences and some supportcentered on the fact that Massa refused to devalue, a measure that would cause a new rise in prices and poverty.

Criticism of the Great Fatherland Front

Inside of the Great Homeland Front there are two social movements, the Excluded Workers Movement and the Darío Santillán Popular Front, which They have accompanied the Government since 2019, but began to distance themselves from the President after the agreement with the IMF negotiated by Martín Guzmán. Aligned with Cristina Kirchner, since May they began a campaign to claim the creation of a universal basic wage, which the vice president supported, although with a more limited income project, for four million Argentines -and not seven, as was the initial proposal-. In any case, the Great Fatherland Front was willing to negotiate modifications.

The Grabois space made public that he negotiated with the Government “until the last minute” the creation of some type of income reinforcement for those who do not have a job or social benefits. “They are compatriots in a situation of indigence and extreme vulnerability for whom we ask for a minimum subsistence income that is urgent in an Argentina with almost half of its people mired in poverty,” they indicated in a statement signed by the deputies and legislators of This space. Although they acknowledged that Massa announced a bonus for retirees and outlined that there will be some improvement for workers in the private sector, they stressed that “there was not the slightest announcement for the most neglected social sectors”.

“On the other hand, there were for the big businessmen, exporters, mega mining, oil companies, as well as the continuity without changes of the anti-popular agreement signed with the IMF,” they added.

For this, they will summon their militancy to discuss whether their deputies and legislators continue within the Front of All. Among the signing legislators are Natalia Zaracho -cartonera deputy-, Federico Faggioli -who came to the chamber from a popular neighborhood-, the economist Itaí Hagman and the Buenos Aires deputy Ofelia Fernández -emerged from the student and feminist struggles-.

Piquetero Unit

There was no important announcement of revenue recomposition. And we are at a time when things cannot be kicked off for later, ”he agreed. Silvia Sarah, referenta of Libres del Sur and national coordinator of Barrios de Pie. “For social organizations, the only thing she announced was audits. In our case we already have them, they are not new things; perhaps they are for the official organizations, but for the opposition, the controls of the Empower Work are common”.

At Wednesday’s press conference, Massa spoke of the purpose of turning plans into jobs. The scheme is known and offers companies that employ the beneficiaries of the Empowerment to maintain the plan for one year, so that the employer only has to pay the difference with the salary of the agreement, the ART and the social work. The social movements are not opposed, but point out that it has been shown that the generation of employment in this way is very low.

“Employment is not created by itself, it is not enough to maintain an Empowerment for companies to take beneficiaries. They already tried it and it is not verified in reality. We believe that there are ways to quickly generate employment, for example with a housing construction plan. There were no announcements in that sense. Unfortunately, the announcements were for the export sectors, for the countryside, to comply with the agreement with the IMF”.

The Piquetera Unit requested an audience with Massaas it had done with its predecessor, Silvina Batakis. Next week, when the July inflation rate is released, it will march again.

the albertist movements

The proposal to transform plans into private employment does not generate expectations in none of the moves. Even in those closest to President Alberto Fernández, such as Evita, they point out that he is an idea for the platformwhich gives few results.

“The problem is that there are no employers who hire you. It is not understood that there is a process of economic concentration that left 12 million people without bosses. Are they going to invent the bosses?” asked the head of the UTEP, Esteban “Gringo” Castro, since the Luján march.

Daniel Menéndez, from Somos Barrios de Pie, gave his support to some of the measures announced by Massa. “The moment prior to the arrival of Massa is crossed by a process of destabilization and extortion of the concentrated sectors, especially exporters, to maximize profits with a devaluation. It seems to me that the prerequisite to face this agenda is to strengthen political power, the cohesion of the Frente de Todos resolves that equation”. On the measures, Menéndez valued that the minister has ruled out a devaluation. “The great challenge, which has not yet been deduced from what he announced, is to stabilize the macroeconomy and improve income. It could not be stabilized by devaluing”.

I was waiting for announcements about the income; It seems to me that there are some measures, such as the family salary, the new caps, and the call to the Salary Council to define the new minimum salary, which is transferred to Empowering. You have to keep claiming an IFE for the sectors that are below the indigence line, which are four million people”.

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