The Government of the Community of Madrid has had to back down in two of its great battles against the government of Pedro Sanchez. Whether on their own initiative (the blackout of shop windows and historic buildings at night) or due to legal delays (the LOMLOE high school curriculum), the team at the President Isabel Diaz Ayuso must recognize the victory of Moncloa.

After a strong opposition to the royal decree of measures to alleviate the energy crisis, Madrid He has had to qualify his veto on several occasions and end up accepting, although in a rather veiled way, that he will abide by Sánchez’s “blackout”.

The first to step back was Enrique Ossorio, vice president and spokesman for the Community of Madrid. After Ayuso, in a tweet, proclaimed that “Madrid does not turn off”the counselor had to clarify that if the law was mandatory, they would abide by it.

[Madrid estudia recurrir ante el Constitucional la ley de Sánchez para el ahorro energético]

First he did it with a higher tone, while announcing a possible appeal before the constitutional Court to, barely 24 hours later, start talking about “competencies” and analyzing the “measures that affect the regional sphere”.

In the end, as the rest of the communities in which the PP governs have recognized, if the law is mandatory, there is no alternative. And it is that, although Madrid has not been the only one that has not liked the measures proposed by the Vice President Teresa Riberayes, it has been the most blunt in its rejection.

Having to abide by the fact that shop windows and government buildings will stop being illuminated at 10:00 p.m. is not the only rule that Ayuso will have to accept in the coming weeks.

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Celaá Law

The school year is about to start and, although the Community of Madrid advanced that it would present an appeal against the LOMLOE -known as the Celaá Law-, nothing is going to prevent the course from beginning with the current socialist law.

When the Community began the procedures to present the appeal against the High School curriculum, in which it sees a “high ideological content”, the Ministry of Education of Pilar Alegría had to send a series of documents to the High Court.

The fact that August is practically a non-working month and the deadlines given to Education to complete their part, they have prevented the Madrid government from advancing in the judicial field.

That he Constitutional declare precautionary measures against the national norm was the only way that Madrid had not to implement the law. But the precautionary measures have not arrived on time.

For this reason, all schools in Madrid will teach baccalaureate this course under the parameters of the Celaa Law, as will also happen in ESO and Primary. From the Ministry of Education they confirm that it will be so, but that, as has been announced throughout the year, they have made quite a few modifications in the scope of their powers.

[Madrid se independiza de la Ley Celaá: Ayuso frenará el nuevo Bachillerato si logra el aval del Supremo]

They refer, for example, to the curricula that were approved in July and that make several modifications in the part that corresponds to the regional authority. This affects both the teaching schedule and the rules for promoting the course.

For example, in the Madrid high school curriculum Evaluation with numerical grades and honorable mention is allowed for those who get a 10.

Regarding the agenda, the contents proposed by the Celaá Law have been expanded to History or Language and Literature. In the region they will include, among other aspects, a greater study of the transition and the fight against ETA, the authors of the Golden Age and the generation of ’98. These are questions that the Government’s law left to the community’s choice.

In addition, and against the proposal of not repeating the course of the Ministry of Education, Ayuso proposes that a qualified majority of 4/5 of the teaching team be necessary for the student to be promoted.

Source: Elespanol

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