Lucas González: the last Buenos Aires police officer who had been arrested is released

Lucas González: the last Buenos Aires police officer who had been arrested is released

The judge Paula Veronica Gonzalez pronounced lack of merit and ordered the release of Teresa María Luján Scorzathe last Buenos Aires police arrested and accused of covering up the crime of Lucas Gonzalez and for the illegal detention and torture of your friends. Scorza had been arrested a few weeks ago, after one of Lucas’s friends identify in lineup photographic as the woman who he treated them as “jets” and asked them “where did they have the drugs” while they were detained after the shooting of the civilian brigade. Now, González considered that this recognition not enough to prove their participation and also rejected two new requests for arrest of Prosecutor Leonel Gomez Barbella. Gregorio Dalbonattorney for the Lucas family, spoke out against the judge’s decision and announced that “another political trial is coming.”

On Monday of this week the prosecutor in charge of the investigation requested the prosecution of the main Scorzaa member of the Division of Summaries and Brigades of Commune No. 4. She did so ten days after the arrest and the subsequent statement of inquiry, in which the agent of the Buenos Aires force admitted having been behind the shooting in Alvarado and Perdrielthe place where, according to Justice, the cover-up plot was planned and carried out, but denied the accusations against him by assuring that he was only “a minute and a half” with the detained boys and that never communicated with them. In turn, he assured that Deputy Commissioner Roberto Inca, one of those detained and prosecuted for the cover-up, ordered him “to make the tour of the periphery to see if any element had been discarded“, something that the same Inca also pointed out in his investigation.

This Wednesday, Judge González rejected Gómez Barbella’s request, ruled the lack of merit and ordered the defendant to be released. According to the head of the National Criminal and Correctional Court No. 7, the photographic recognition in which one of the boys identified Scorza “constitutes only an investigative, intelligence diligence, quite preliminary“. González added that, in addition to the boy, “no other witness recognized the accusedso that Scorza’s version does not seem disproved for now”, for which he assured that “it prevails deepen the investigation“.

In his request, Gómez Barbella, who in December he had already unsuccessfully requested the arrest de Scorza, argued instead that the accused “was not unaware in any way how the behaviors had actually been carried out, since it was not only one of the first authorities to arrive to the two places where the crimes were committed, but dealt directly with those who shot the youths“. It is that Scorza herself assumed in her investigation that, after arriving in Alvarado and Perdriel, she went to Luzuriaga and Vélez Sarsfield, where the police fired. There, she explained, she had contact with Gabriel Isassi, Fabián López and José Nieva, the three members of the civilian brigade arrested and prosecuted as perpetrators of the murder.

The contact with Inca and the order to make “the periphery tour” does not seem to help Scorza either, if one takes into account that the deputy commissioner is precisely the one mentioned in one of the key tests of the investigation: the call from Rodolfo Ozan, head of Police Station 4A of Parque Patricios, to Fabián du Santos, police station 4D, in which the former claims to have ordered Inca “to go and find what you have to find to justify this” and asks “tidy up this shit”. After spreading the version of the “confrontation“, the police officers they planted a replica of a firearm in the boys car. With Scorza’s release, they are now 14 Buenos Aires police arrested for the crime or subsequent cover-up, and all of them are prosecuted and brought to trial.

At the lineup, the boy who identified The main had pointed out that it was she who “He told me where he had the drug and that it was a jet“and what to Lucas”they fired him because he did things wrong“. After the latest judicial news, the family’s lawyer, Gregorio Dalbón, assured that Judge González “released Scorza, who tortured Lucas’s friend“. The lawyer considered that “Everything has to do with everything” by indicating that the judge “is the wife of the prosecutor Diego Iglesias, Casal’s favorite and friend of Sergio Mola”, one of the prosecutors who brought the accusation against Cristina Fernández de Kirchner in the public works trial and that in the year In 2016 I visited Mauricio Macri’s office at Casa Rosada.”Another political trial is comingDalbón added. In November of last year, the family of Luke presented a impeachment request against the first judge of the case, Alejandro Cilleruelo, for “poor performance of duties“.

The Scorza Processing It was not the only request raised by Gómez Barbella to the judge. The prosecutor had also requested the arrest and investigation of the officers Melina Miño and Barbara Ojeda. In the investigation, by disassociating herself from her responsibility, the Scorza indicated with name and surname to Miño and Ojeda like the “two companions of mine who were leaning” over the handcuffed boys facing the floor. In addition, the prosecutor wrote in his request that “it is determined that Miño and Ojeda found themselves actually acting on the tasks as personnel of the Summaries and Brigades Division in the procedure under investigation”. However, the judge considered that this information “is not sufficient” and rejected the requests for his arrest, although he did enabled the hijacking of their cell phones.

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