The open wound continues in the Frente de Todos: "Martín Guzmán's resignation was poorly managed"

Juan Grabois on his departure from the Frente de Todos: “I already have a position taken”

After the first announcements of Serge Massa at the head of the Ministry of Economy, the Great Homeland Front, which has three national deputies within the ruling party, came out in rejection of the measures. Its main leader, John Graboisthreatened to break away from front of all after a sustained claim in recent months that was not heard or included in the new minister’s first package of decisions.

In this way, the possibility of a new breakdown within the Government is enlarged and would affect social organizations. However, Grabois was not silent and detailed how the definition will be about whether they remain in the ruling party or not. «Next week there is going to be a meeting and I already have a completely taken position. It is a collective decision because we are all over the country. What is defined is what will be done », he warned in C5N.

In this same sense, he added that they are going to “convene the block to define. Until the last minute of Massa’s announcements, we asked for measures for the poor, the indigent and those who are hungry. It does not necessarily have to be the Universal Basic Salary. I didn’t see anything like that yesterday. The steaks were only for the richest, the agro-exporters or businessmen. We have nothing to do if they don’t change that. Our militancy has a limit », she warned.

In addition, Juan Grabois revealed that «there were previous talks» to the appointment of Sergio Massa and that they requested «a measure to fight against the deterioration of the poor and informalized» that they took into account but did not apply. In this way, the social leader reiterated that «if there are not and will not be measures for the poorest we have nothing to do in the Front of All. It is a coalition against the neoliberal right. From there we can continue to belong but we do not feel contained in the block that has no definitions. We expected measures for the popular sectors, we thought there was going to be an announcement.

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On the other hand, the leader of the Great Fatherland Front warned that «the poor cannot pay the costs of macrismo and Guzmán’s mistakes» and that there are many measures to implement. In case it is not the Universal Basic Salary promoted by Itai Hagman, from his space, Juan Grabois asked to consider other similar alternatives that may have an effect.

«The Di Tullio thing is not what we propose, but for practical purposes it is for the poor. That is something, it is a measure. It has to do », he remarked. Finally, the head of the MTE warned that there is “a distributive bid and pressures” greater than that of the “popular sectors.” These are from “the owner class that fight for dollars or institutional spaces” that are of interest to the political arch.

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