"I'm just afraid of mindless hatred.  But I am prepared" - Maja Staśko comments on the decision to participate in the High League

"I’m just afraid of mindless hatred. But I am prepared" – Maja Staśko comments on the decision to participate in the High League

It’s official – women’s rights activist, feminist activist Maja Staśko, today confirmed her decision to join High League 4. As an MMA player, she will fight in the octagon on September 17. She tells us if it was difficult for her to make this decision, how she prepares for the fight and what she fears most.

  • High League is a Polish federation that organizes freak show fight galas, during which famous people face each other: they are often youtubers, influencers, celebrities or people known from the world of the media. The duels are most often based on the rules of MMA.
  • Activist Maja Staśko will also fight at the gala, which will take place on September 17 in Arena Gliwice. “The most famous Polish activist for women’s rights, the author of the book» Rape is a compliment after all. What is rape culture? «, The face of feminism and the voice of the left will debut in MMA” – we read in a post published by the event organizers.
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Maja Staśko: “Time to fight in a new form”

Karolina Wasiczek: What was the main reason that convinced you? Did you have to think about the decision for a long time?

Maja Staśko: – I was wondering for a long time, many months – the proposal came last fall. I undertook it with many people, thinking mainly about the support that I can provide to organizations – both by publicizing their activities and financially.

– I made my decision and stick to it. I hope haters do not cheer me up – he says

– In the field of gal type freak fight So many different issues and problems accumulate that we can try to look away from them, and we can choose to look at them and start analyzing them. That’s part of my goal. I made this decision also for myself and I intend to treat it all as part of an art project.

“Together with Monika Strzępka, we make a show out of it! I also have a lot of artistic ideas, because the whole situation is very inspiring: books, performances, films. You will see more! Thanks to trainings I also walk more confident, I feel like a superheroine” [źródło: Instagram @majakstasko]

Has anything changed in your approach to combat sports since you started training?

– I never had anything against martial arts, but I just didn’t know much about it. From a child I was practicing artistic gymnastics with the rest, which was not indifferent to my body – I have damaged knees and I am struggling with eating disorders. Meanwhile, it is completely different here. The technique is the most complicated, it all depends on the body position, the posture is completely different than in gymnastics – I learned to straighten there, now I often have to be “hunched over”. I have to get used to many sports habits in my own way – explain. – I try to train twice a day, I run, I subject my day to preparation – he says.

“I hear voices that fighting in the octagon is violence. No, it’s a sport – everyone knows the rules and agrees to them. It’s the opposite of violence. Violence is when there is no consent.” [źródło: Instagram @majakstasko]

Staśko: I am afraid of mindless hatred, but I am prepared

Is there anything you were particularly concerned about when you prepared for the release of the release?

– I am mainly afraid of mindless hatred, but I am prepared for it – I know what to expect, I am in contact with a lawyer with whom we will report any criminal threats – rape, death – directly to the prosecutor’s office. I also try to take care of my mental health.

“Without this fight, it would be impossible to obtain such large sums for such important help. Since the state does not provide support to the most needy – I will fight for them”[źródło: Instagram @majakstasko]

Maja Staśko plans to allocate the money earned thanks to the fight, among others for the Fortior Foundation – supporting men who have suffered violence (PLN 20 thousand), and for the Women’s Rights Center (also PLN 20 thousand).

– People have a right to their emotions. Now most of the reactions will be very emotional. Only then will more interesting discussions begin, he says.

Although only an hour has passed since the publication of the post, there have already been a lot of critical voices. There are words like “you sold yourself” and accusations of supporting capitalism.

– I am entering something that is – let’s face it – focused on bringing profits to the richest – like any company under capitalism. Before that, I worked in a media corporation, and my bosses also cared mainly about the profits. This is how this system has been working for years. And I worked and lived in it, just like any of us (except for those who inherited fortunes). This gala is part of this system. I believe that it is better if the money from it goes at least partially to people in need. The job is that we sell our time to the owner. We “sell” ourselves. But this is an accusation against capitalism, not against me, he concludes.

“I am a fighter. I have been fighting violence and injustice for years. Now it’s time to fight in a new form: in the octagon!” [źródło: Instagram @majakstasko]

Numerous comments appeared on the Instagram post by Maja Staśko, including:

  • “Maja, thank you for the support we will receive from you on behalf of women we will be able to help” – said the Women’s Rights Center
  • “Wooooooo” – she added from the official Red Lipstick Monster account

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