How to get transparent ice, that lasts like the ones in bars, and that does not stick to each other

How to get transparent ice, that lasts like the ones in bars, and that does not stick to each other

For some strange reason, many things that we drink in bars or restaurants are better than what we use at home. Despite being the same product.

Surely it has happened to you too: Coca Cola tastes better at McDonald’s and ice from bars lasts longer, and is more transparent. Why is this happening?

We solved the Coca Cola burger thing a long time ago, so today we are going to focus on ice.

If you take a look at the ice cubes that you make at home with tap water, you will surely have noticed that they are not transparent like the ones in bars and restaurants, and they disintegrate faster. Buying ice in the supermarket today is more difficult than finding toilet paper in the pandemic, so we are going to see how to make perfect ice cubesworthy of an announcement.

As we have mentioned, homemade ice cubes usually have two problems: they are not see through, and they melt quickly.

Transparency has to do with the impurities in water. Tap water has chlorine and other elements, which when frozen make it not transparent. So if you want crystal clear ice cubes you must use mineral waterwith as few impurities as possible.

Another solution is to filter the tap water with some type of filter that is used at home.

The second element is the thaw. Homemade cubes melt faster because although it may not seem like it, the water has air bubbles that speed up thawing.

The trick to avoiding bubbles is boil water before freezing. Boil it two or three times, wait for it to cool down a bit, but while it is still burning, put it in the ice trays, and go straight to the freezer.

With this trick that the industry uses to prepare ice, you will have completely transparent cubes, which last longer Test it!


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