How The Devil's Advocate Changed Charlize Theron's Career

How The Devil’s Advocate Changed Charlize Theron’s Career

Illness on demand

Recall that the heroine Charlize Theron, moving with her husband to New York, gradually begins to lose her mind. For the most believable hit in the image of Charlize, at least an hour a day for three months, she met with a psychotherapist so that her “schizophrenia” looked as convincing as possible. In addition, Charlize visited psychiatric hospitals, where she observed the behavior of patients with schizophrenia.

Main character

For the role of the main character – Kevin Lomax – John Cusack, Edward Norton and Christian Slater were considered, but Brad Pitt was approved. The latter even began acting in test episodes, but eventually left the project, leaving to star in Seven. So the main role went to Keanu Reeves, who, for her sake, refused to shoot in the film Speed ​​2, for which he was offered an identical fee of $ 8,000,000. Rumor has it that Keanu even gave up part of his earnings to ensure participation in the filming of Pacino.

By that time, Reeves was already world famous, thanks to the films “Point Break” and “Speed”, but decided to leave the image of Superman and play a dramatic role. During preparation, Keanu met a lot with various lawyers and attended trials.


Charlize Theron did not immediately accept the offer to star in The Devil’s Advocate. The main obstacle for the actress was explicit scenes in which she appeared naked. Just a year before, Charlize had turned down the role of Showgirls, which, according to Theron, had too many intimate scenes. But this time, apparently, after evaluating the cast and script, she decided to take a chance. By the way, one of the most explicit scenes was removed from the film, in which the heroine Charlize becomes an unwitting witness to an orgy.

Correct hairstyle

According to the plot, the main character and his wife are about 30 years old, but at the time of the start of filming, Charlize was only 21 years old, which greatly embarrassed director Taylor Hackford. In the toga, it was decided to play with the hairstyles of the main character, which made her visually older. In addition, the director insisted that Charlize was too beautiful and not smart enough for this role, but in the end he could not resist. To understand Taylor, as well as his initial fears, you will agree, is very easy.

Blockbuster planned

Initially, The Devil’s Advocate was planned as a blockbuster, not a mystical thriller. The filmmakers, who saw only Al Pacino in the role of Lucifer, rewrote the script several times until the actor stopped calling him delusional and agreed to shoot.

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