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Hooked on You: the dating game with the Killers of Dead by Daylight is available

We still don’t know what went through the mind of Behavior Interactive when he imagined Hooked on You: A Dead by Daylight Dating Simbut there, the game of flirting with Killers hidden is now available on PC. The title had been presented on the occasion of the sixth anniversary of DbD.

Hooked on You is developed by Psyopalready behind the improbable I Love You, Colonel Sanders! A Finger Lickin’ Good Dating Simulator with the mustachioed boss of KFC. But this time the vibe is a little stranger, we follow an amnesiac character waking up on the island of Murderer to seduce four Killers in vacation clothesto know The Trapper, The Huntress, The mind and Spectrumwell known to players of Dead by Daylight. Side gameplayit’s classic visual novel, here is a presentation of Hooked on You :

An all-inclusive getaway

Get swept up in a dating game driven by choice, where killers become lovable, appearances don’t matter, and your Dead by Daylight fantasies can finally come true. Order a tropical cocktail, take a big sip and quench that thirst.

sun and shade

Did you know that one of the Entity realms is a beach? Very few know it. Explore various locations, both quiet and spooky, in this island paradise on the edge of eternity. Court different characters each playthrough to visit exciting new areas while enjoying brief appearances from familiar faces along the way.

If looks could kill

Flirt with four killers from Dead by Daylight, all completely different, but equally attractive. Choose the right words to help them overcome their inhibitions, while unlocking deeply intimate facets of their personalities. Unlock multiple unique endings for each killer, from passionate big love, to platonic friendship, to relentless hatred. Just like real love encounters!

Wandering fingers

Prove yourself in the eyes of your loved one by mastering a series of teasing mini-games to advance the story. Take quizzes, hunt for treasure, carve meat and more, earning praise or scorn depending on your performance.

If ever Hooked on You interests you, no one will judge you, know thatbuying it will get you two exclusive gifts for Dead by Daylightwhose charm captured heart and holding surf survivorbitten by a shark, for Jake Park. Otherwise, you can find products derived from DbD on Amazon.

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