Gazpacho or salmorejo: the OCU gets wet in the summer debate, which is better?

Gazpacho or salmorejo: the OCU gets wet in the summer debate, which is better?

Although the base of both recipes is the tomato, there are great differences regarding the consistency and nutritional contribution of both.

There are a series of seasonal products that are more advisable to eat during specific times of the year, such as summer, and when we talk about these months of very high temperatures but also of sun, beach and mountains, surely both the salmorejo like gazpacho.

And although on paper there may be many similarities between salmorejo and gazpacho, there are indeed a series of differences for us to make room for them in our summer diet, and now the OCU has wanted to enter into the typical summer debate to give you know the difference between a good salmorejo and a good gazpacho.

Regarding the ingredients, the base of both is the tomato. There is no discussion here, and they also share other ingredients such as oil, bread, salt or garlic in certain cases.

But while salmorejo includes these ingredients and the traditional recipe does not mention any more, when it comes to gazpacho can be expanded with more vegetables such as green pepper, cucumber, onion, vinegar or cumin.

But perhaps the biggest difference between both recipes is the consistency. And it is that, for example, salmorejo is usually eaten with a spoon while gazpacho is more for drinking. In this way we can see salmorejo in many of the menus that we find in restaurants in the summer, while gazpacho can be ordered more to drink as an aperitif.

In any case, both the salmorejos and the gazpachos that are sold in supermarkets usually have a more liquid consistency for better marketing.

On the other hand, about the nutritional contribution there are big differences for every 100 g in each of the products and in general the salmorejo, being more consistent, does have a greater contribution as the OCU points out:

In this way, you will be able to choose the right food according to the situation this summer, for example to choose a good salmorejo as the first course of a menu and gazpacho for an appetizer outside of the big meals.


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