Fernando de León collects 'True Narratives' about several writers

Fernando de León collects ‘True Narratives’ about several writers

Sinaloa, Mexico. Ferdinand de Leon takes a journey through the lives and works of some of the most important writers in literature, as well as an exploration of literariness in all media in true narratives (Universidad de Nuevo León), a book that the author sees in part as “a kind of release, to pay an unpayable debt with certain authors” who have always accompanied him, as a reader and as a writer.

inexhaustible readings

Of Lion brings together nine literary essays, where he gives an overview of the work of authors such as Francisco Tario and Juan Rulfo, comments on the parallels in the literature of Arreola and Claudel, Borges and Calvino, or analyzes the series Dr. House and True detective, where it shows how the use of the camera and the rhythm of the edition build literary strategies, to mention a few examples. “I think there are different links between these trials. I would say that the first of them is language, because although there are many approaches, many faces,” says the writer from Jalisco.

“From then on there is an emotional bond because I grew up reading the first authors who revealed to me the wonder of literature, Borges, Rulfo, Arreola, and also Mary Shelley […] You might also think that there are certain police overtones, but those police ones are not everywhere. I think that as an author I also see links that maybe I only see, the important thing here would be that any reader who finds this review of such reviewed authors generates some kind of instinct to read them again, ”he adds about the texts.

‘True Narratives’, edited by the Autonomous University of Nuevo León, is now available.

Great authors such as Rulfo, Arreola, Borges, Kafka, Wilde, Shelley, among many others, continue to generate different readings among the public and scholars, who insert their literature from different perspectives. “They are authors who have this dimension that I think also happens with great books, that they are telling you things at the wrong time, different things every time you read them. There’s a lot to read, but there’s also a lot to reread.”

“There are authors who, when you return to them, tell you new things. It happens to me with them that I have not exhausted my readings, they are in some way inexhaustible because one also changes as a reader, and one finds different things, nuances, clinical beauties , because the conflicts that move are also others as you grow up”, he says.

nearby literature

Ferdinand de Leonin addition, underlines his closeness to Rulfo, since they are from the same state, finding in the narrative of the creator of The Burning Plain, a reunion with life itself. “Finally one is incorporating certain books, or certain readings into your life, and that is forever.”

To close, the writer says to post true narratives it is a great satisfaction. “Regardless of publishing a book of whatever it is, it is a great satisfaction. “This is my second book of essays, but the first that deals head-on with the work of important authors for me. They are essays that have been written over several years, and of course being able to see them together is a great cash cost”.

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