Don Plutarco gives hope to relatives of the miners trapped in Agujita, Sabinas

SABINAS, COAH.- In the middle of the despair by the slow progress in the mine dewatering “Pinabete”, in Needle, SabinasMr Plutarch Ruizhas become the hope of many family members who hope to finally bailing out to your loved ones.

Don Plutarco, a former miner with dozens of years of experience, survived seven days inside the Broker minein Florida, Municipality of Francisco I Madero, when it flooded in 2010, in an accident similar to the one that occurred more than 30 hours ago in Agujita. Down there is her son-in-law, Sergio Gabriel Cruz Gaytánwho is waiting for her two daughters aged 15 and 10.


I looked for the upper parts and went into the mine with which we communicated. I got into that mine that was about 30 centimeters, I was dragging, I barely freed my body and I looked for the high parts, because I knew well that in those points the water was not going to reach me“, remember.

$! In Don Plutarco's eyes you can see the pain of having survived seven days inside the Broker mine in Florida.

In Don Plutarco’s eyes you can see the pain of having survived seven days inside the Broker mine in Florida.

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Apart from the hoses of the pistols that we brought, they were about 95 meters long, so when the accident happened, those hoses stayed up and blew out due to the same pressure of the air from the compressor and those seven days I was living with the air from the compressor, because I was 85 meters in the second mantle“, details.


Minutioso reports that he was completely in solitary confinement, no helmet, without lampbecause the water snatched them away, but trust in his companions and his intuition made him suppose that the hoses would be his salvation so it was.

In those days I talked to God, I asked him from my heart to let me live, because I had my children and I already knew what it means that your father is not here, I did not want them to go through that. That’s why I ask God to leave Sergio Gabriel, for his girls“, He says.

$!Rescue actions continue for the 10 trapped miners.

The rescue actions of the 10 trapped miners continue.

After several days, he began to leave and return to the outside of the mine where he stayed, to check the water level, that was going down little by little. “Nobody believes me that I didn’t eat anything those days, I also talked to the Virgin Mary and told her that she was going to feed me those days”recounts.


On the seventh day, when the level allowed him to reach the mine iron -who was still flooded and could barely fit her head tilted to be able to breathe- knew that her companions were on the other side because I heard them say: “there is Plu, there is“.

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Immediately after that, they told him that they would take him out and they threw a rope to tie and they pulled him up to the next mantle. “They just looked at me, they couldn’t find what to ask me or what to tell me. The first thing I did was ask about my family“, he assured.

The Testimony of Don Plutarcohas already turned around the camp that the relativeswho upon hearing it say: “we have hope and we are not going to leave until they return with us“.

$!More than 30 hours the relatives have waited for news of their loved ones.

Family members have waited more than 30 hours to hear news of their loved ones.

For his part, Don Plutarco asked the authorities already the fellow miners do not faint and speed up the work get them all alive.

Source: Vanguardia

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