Cruise: A new dating show is to be created on THIS ship – vacationers with a clear opinion

Cruise vacationers want to travel by ship – then suddenly pure chaos breaks out

Cruise vacationers want to travel by ship – then suddenly pure chaos breaks out

Aida: Five exciting facts about the cruise giant

Cruises are popular with passengers because they offer a hassle-free vacation. One of the best-known cruise providers is Aida Cruises. We present you the five most exciting facts about the cruise giant.

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Fierce, what a vacationer before her cruise experienced with the Aida!

Because even the journey to cruise became a nightmarish ordeal for her. In an interview with our partner portal “MOIN”, the exhausted vacationer described the details.

Cruise: Passenger stopped on arrival – “Never start on time”

Those who want to get to the port by plane face the same problem as all travelers who want to fly on vacation: full airports. Long waiting times are even less annoying than if the flight is canceled altogether.

Mainland vacationers will then have to bite the bullet and hope for the next connection, but crusaders see no other way out. If they don’t make it to port, their entire vacation is in jeopardy.

An Aida passenger wanted to fly from Frankfurt to Corfu and then relax on the steamer. But it turned out very differently. First she stood in front of the Tui Fly check-in counter for a long time, then boarding took a long time. “It was clear that we would never start on time,” she tells “MOIN”.

Cruise: arrival fails at the airport – passenger with the nerves at the end

Finally sitting on the plane, the next bad news came: “No suitcase loading crew there, the co-pilot is standing at the baggage carousel and is also late”. So another delay. The departure window had long since passed.


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At the next attempt in the afternoon, things initially looked promising – but nothing: “When we taxied to the runway at 4:30 p.m. across the entire airport and finally wanted to take off, the engine light came on.” After the passengers had waited another hour on the plane, finally went back to the terminal.

+++ Cruise: scroungers on board cause resentment – ​​shipping company intervenes +++

Nevertheless, the woman did not want to give up hope for her cruise. What happened next, however, was the crowning glory of the whole chaos. You can find out what happened next for the Aida passenger on our partner portal “MOIN.DE”. (mbo)

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