A simple trick with a potato for the face.  Your skin will be grateful to you

A simple trick with a potato for the face. Your skin will be grateful to you

Potatoes can not only be used for dinner, but also used in skin care. Contrary to appearances, this common vegetable contains many valuable substances. Thanks to this, you can reach for it to improve the condition of the skin. What’s good in a potato and how can it be used?

The inconspicuous potato is a good source of vitamin C (the younger the tubers, the more vitamin), B vitamins, and magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, iron, sodium and zinc. Its soothing properties on the skin have been known for a long time. In folk medicine, his patches have been used to soothe burns and frostbite. It has also been used to relieve headaches and reduce fever. It was enough to cut the potato into thicker slices and chill it, then cover the forehead. It is also recommended to apply cold slices of raw potatoes to bruises and puffiness under the eyes. And since these methods work, it is no surprise that it was decided to use it in yet another way for beauty.

The potato trick for the face

It is worth trying a very simple way to cleanse and soothe the irritation of the facial skin thanks to the potato. It is enough to wash it well or peel it, cut it in half, or squeeze the juice out of it. Rub the cut potato or potato juice on clean, dry skin and leave it for 20 minutes. After this time, it is enough to rinse the skin with cool water and apply your favorite cream.

This method has already appeared on TikTok some time ago, which is famous for its original, but often effective ways of taking care of your beauty. The movies you can watch there show the idea of ​​using the potato’s potential in a slightly different version.

What does potato juice give to the skin?

Put a potato on the skin with vitamin C, which is a powerful antioxidant, to help fight inflammation and reduce blemishes. Potato starch additionally absorbs excess sebum, which contributes to the formation of imperfections. In addition, the raw potato lightens discoloration on the skin and dark circles under the eyes, and improves its hydration.

But despite the benefits of potatoes and the enthusiasm seen in the comments below the videos, there is a certain risk of skin irritation from potato juice. When a burning sensation or itching occurs, the potato treatment should be discontinued by removing the vegetable from the skin and washing it with cool water. You can try this method for skin problems and see what effects it will bring in an individual case.

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