Why we hate the concept of lofters at PSG

Why we hate the concept of lofters at PSG

Since the arrival of Luis Campos, PSG has opened a loft where the reprobates of the Parisian workforce come to squeeze. This decision contributes to the communication of a club which wants to break the unflattering image of a holiday camp for overpaid stars. Indeed, nothing could be easier and risk-free than hitting players who only seem to stay for the big check at the end of the month. It would be forgetting a little too quickly who brought them in and that a footballer remains an employee with rights.

No one is going to complain about Layvin Kurzawa, Julian Draxler, Georginio Wijnaldum, Ander Herrera, Rafinha or even Thilo Kehrer. They still receive their generous emoluments and their situation has nothing to do with the hell experienced by an average worker on a construction site in Qatar. In addition, the LFP, under pressure from the UNFP, has somewhat framed this famous “loft” fashion, whose term alone, between reality TV and a luxurious Airbnb, says a lot about our time. Article 507 of the League’s charter thus stipulates that this parenthesis must end on August 31 and that it must “be carried out temporarily for exclusively sporting reasons related to the management of the workforce. This must in no case be prolonged on a regular, permanent and definitive basis, resembling a dismissal of the player, contrary to the spirit of the text and the professional footballer’s employment contract. » Here, the “exclusively sporting motive” is the desire displayed by the new sports management to work with a smaller hard core (21 outfield players at most). On the other hand, the reference to the contractual dimension deserves some attention.

In fact, if all these beautiful people emerge today in the workforce of PSG, it is above all because each of the members of this list has signed a contract with the Parisian club, which has even sometimes celebrated the agreement of ostentatious manner. Some were even recruited to be incumbents. However, the message conveyed behind the fact of training apart – a qualified coach must also be assigned to them – amounts to giving them the GPS coordinates to the exit door. In a way, the boss punishes his employee to push him to leave. In the administration, we talk about being put in the closet and to the industrial tribunal, the case will be quickly judged. Except that in football, the vexation is public, scripted. All that’s missing are the cameras and the campfire test. In addition, the employer obviously seeks to recover some money on a potential transfer.

Com’ and indecency?

For the PSG Campos version, which is said to be more modest, more economical and re-nationalized, the story telling is perfect for both supporters and the media. We whistle the end of recess to naughty rascals who took advantage of the generosity of their nice boss without bringing much to their business. It was time for them to go, basically. The small humiliation of this “loft” reinforces the discourse of an institution that is no longer afraid to crack down and gain respect. Some outcasts already had a bad reputation, especially on social networks, and had ended up embodying the failings of PSG management, but the procedure adopted reverses the problem by making players responsible for past mistakes who do not have the decency to walk away when asked…

It will then be necessary to explain and manage their inevitable return on September 1, for those who will not have been frightened, since their contract, which the two parties have initialed, stipulates it. Luis Campos can obviously take refuge behind the inevitable psychological war he had to engage in to settle the accounts and purify years of delusions of grandeur. He probably had other ways of achieving these ends, including working on a case-by-case basis. Anyway, the PSG manages to conclude the feat of passing for the victim of selfish, rapiats and overpaid players, forgetting its duty of inventory and the rights of its employees.

By Nicolas Kssis-Martov

Source: www.sofoot.com

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