Why is eSport so attractive to online casinos?

Why is eSport so attractive to online casinos?

In recent years, the so-called electronic sports have experienced remarkable growth to the point that they have been proposed several times as an Olympic sport. Although its popularity was initially towards the teenage audience, it currently covers a large audience of different ages (mainly 18 – 45 years old). This certainly caught the attention of not only big brands, but also online casinos.

This reality has meant that digital casinos are constantly reinventing themselves, so we are no longer just talking about one more game platform to play, basically roulette, slots, Black Jack and one or another traditional casino game. A point to highlight about the great popularity that eSports have today is that they are considered as “the next wave of digital entertainment” and many have predicted that they could even happen to online casinos.

Famous players who have made their leap to eSport

Given the enormous professionalization that this online gaming industry has had, many renowned athletes have taken their step towards eSports, where several even own teams. Here are some of these famous athletes who are now shining in esports.

Mesut Ozil

The German-Turkish footballer, Mesut Özil made his move towards eSports in the year 2018. Currently, he has a team in both Fortnite and FIFA and according to the opinions, it is not a bad team at all.

Alex Rodriguez and Jimmy Rollins

Both major leagues hung up their baseball gloves and bats a few years ago to invest in the NRG eSport team. Currently, this team is one of the “hardest fighting” in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournaments.

magic johnson

The former basketball player, who was part of the “Dream Team” in 1992, decided to make an investment in the eSport team “Team Liquid”. Currently, this team is one of the best and they are present in League of Legends, DOTA and Counter Strike tournaments.


The famous Brazilian soccer player was the first renowned South American athlete to venture into eSport. Currently, he is one of the owners of the famous CNB team and actively plays League of Legends.

Why the interest in eSports?

This question has several answers which we will analyze below:

Competitiveness and professionalization

Unlike home challenges or among friends during some multiplayer games, electronic sports have a high level of competitiveness and to become a relevant player, you need, like any other sport, training. Being an eSport player is not an easy task, as it requires not only the use of a good computer and a fast, stable and low latency connection, but also dedication. Many claim that you should play at least 8 hours a day.

This level of training makes the different eSports tournaments authentic games that do not differ at all from traditional games such as soccer. Obviously, when talking about a sports discipline with a high level of competition and professionalism, it also makes it ideal for placing bets and this is precisely what the main bookmakers have “sniffed out”.

Move millions of viewers

Another point for which bookmakers have looked at eSports is the number of followers and views that their tournaments have. In the year 2020 alone, it was estimated that the total number of views that followed esports tournaments on the different streaming services was 496 billion. And according to various experts, it is expected that, by the next year, 2023, the figure will reach 646 billion views.

This situation has even caused some traditional TV networks to acquire some transmission rights to broadcast various eSports tournaments live. This significant number of spectators has also motivated several renowned brands to sponsor this new sports activity in different ways: monetizing teams, financially supporting the construction of arenas, paying for media advertising, etc.

Thus, with the growth of sponsors, a large number of followers and the income generated by electronic sports is another factor why online casinos are very interested in eSport.

It is a sports activity that is not limited by age

Contrary to traditional sports such as soccer, where in order to become professional you must start practicing it at a very early age, electronic sports do not impose that limitation. In fact, having a good computer, a good internet connection and a lot of perseverance, you can achieve a good professional level.

Let’s remember that we are talking about a sport that is practiced from the computer and you get to win very well (economically speaking) as tournaments are won. Although the usual thing is to play in teams, it is also perfectible to do it in solo mode. Indeed, it is currently estimated that the average age range of eSport players is between 20 and 45 years old.

This flexibility that esports brings is another point why digital casinos are increasingly attracted to eSports.

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