Who is Juan Marino, the social leader who will replace Massa in Deputies

Who is Juan Marino, the social leader who will replace Massa in Deputies

With the arrival of Serge Massa to the national cabinet and his consequent departure from the Chamber of Deputies, his place as legislator (not as president of the body) will be occupied by the social leader Juan Marino. This Tuesday, Massa resigned both his bench and the Presidency of the Lower House to take over as Minister of Economy.

“I want to thank each deputy and deputy. If this place taught me anything, it is to listen much more than to speak, it is to learn to tolerate, it is to live with differences, is to try until the last moment, many times with positive results and many times with negative results, to seek agreements. But, above all things, it taught me to value and respect the task that each one of you has before you”, said Massa in his farewell speech.

34 years old, Marino defines himself on Twitter as a “militant and founder of the Piquetero Party and the Piquetero Unit”. He was in charge of the Provincial Directorate of Territorial Organization, which depends on the Undersecretary of Community Organization, in the Ministry of Development of the Buenos Aires Community, the portfolio of Andrés “Cuervo” Larroque.

At the time of swearing in, Marino left his political flags settled. “For the Universal Basic Salary, so that the debt is paid by those who escaped it, long live the student struggle, long live the workers’ and picketers’ struggle, long live the struggle of everyone, all of them, yes, I swear.”

In his most recent tweet he said that “The Trotskyist militants of the Piquetero Party accompany the mobilization in tribute to Evita”, in relation to the commemoration of last July 26. Before, he told in a pinned tweet that, on July 23, “We held an open plenary session of the Piquetero Party to discuss the fight for the Universal Basic Salary and against Cristina’s ban”.

How does Marino get to Congress?

His arrival in Parliament would be like this. In 2019, the ticket of the Frente de Todos in the province of Buenos Aires obtained 19 seats out of 35 in dispute. Massa was the head of the list and from there he reached the presidency of the Chamber and the presidential succession.

Since December 10, 2019, there have been resignations, so those who appear from position 20 down have accessed a bench. Strictly speaking, they have already occupied seats number 27 on that list, and who should replace Massa Carolina Natalia Arricau, who appeared 28th. However, in compliance with the Gender Parity Law, it is Marino’s turn.

As for Massa’s departure, there is a precedent since 1983. It happened in March 1989, when the hyperinflationary spiral devoured Juan Vital Sourrouille’s economic team. Then, Raúl Alfonsín opted for Juan Carlos Puglieses as minister. Pugliese presided over the Chamber of Deputies since the return to democracy and was succeeded in office by Leopoldo Moreau. In addition, Pugliese’s resignation was not accepted, but a leave without pay.

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