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Video: Ginés González García was caught on a plane and he reacted

The “VIP vaccination” against Covid-19 was undoubtedly one of the most scandalous cases of the current Government. Because of this, the president Alberto Fernandezwho considered it as “an advancement in line”, was forced to ask the resignation of who was his Minister of Health, Gines Gonzalez Garcia. The former official was marked for life, and this Tuesday, a video went viral where he was scratched on a plane and he reacted in a particular way.

Everything would have happened on July 29, when Ginés was filmed while getting off a plane that arrived in Buenos Aires from Rome, Italy. At that moment, the voice of a woman is heard, who would be the same one who took the video, telling him: “There you see the murderer of thousands of Argentines. Corrupt. Thief, immoral. You stole the vaccines from the Argentines.”

After that blunt phrase, it can be seen that González García slaps the device that was filming the sequence. Also to the same woman, with a higher tone of voice, finishing off: “You stole the vaccines from the Argentines.” As a result of Ginés’ reaction, the cell phone fell, although she quickly grabbed it to re-record it.

“This is Ginés González García, this is the one who worked hard for the vaccines. Hey Gines! Where are the vaccines? You took all of them. You gave it to your friends. Many people died in Argentina ”, the former minister is heard being told in other films. Likewise, a photograph of González García sleeping in his seat, presumably in business class, went viral.

The reaction of opponents against Ginés

The former Minister of Health was still on camera grabbed by two stewardesses who tried to keep the discussion from going too far. “People don’t forget. Ginés González García instead of walking around the world, he should be in prison. Vaccines were stolen, condemning thousands of Argentines to death. We want Justice”, expressed in this regard the national deputy of Together for Change Graciela Ocaña.

“The ’emeritus and expert’ in public health Ginés González García exercising brutal violence against a woman. His habit. Imprisoned for life, that’s what we want”, stressed Dr. Carlos Kambourian, former director of the Garrahan Hospital and leader of the PRO, from whom announcements are already being seen about a possible candidacy of his in 2023, accompanying Cristian Ritondo, although still without certainties about which place.

For her part, the economist Diana Mondino published the video of the attack on her Twitter account: “The violent Ginés González hitting a woman in mid-flight. The management of it cost us hundreds of thousands of deaths and on top of that it hits us, ”she pointed out. In this sense, an old publication by the former minister was brought up that spoke of the mandatory nature of the Micaela Law for all the people who make up the three powers of the State.

Other escraches to the former minister

It is not the first time that González García has been rebuked on public roads. At the end of last June they scratched it at a service station in San Telmo. At that time, some people criticized him for what happened with the vaccine scandal, the finger immunization of government officials, politicians, public employees and different personalities.

The former official entered the premises located on Paseo Colón and Independencia to withdraw an order when a group of clients noticed his presence and began to insult him and reproach him for mismanagement. “Old blackmailer”, “140,000 dead”, “I have an ort* vaccine on my arm”, “Caradura”, were some of the things they gave him.

Likewise, almost a year ago, at the end of August 2021, González García had to leave a restaurant between shouts and insults. “Cheeky, cheeky” and “murderer, murderer”, dozens of diners sang in unison, until the former minister left the place. Even more remembered was when, after having to resign from the position of Minister of Health, Ginés returned to his apartment in Puerto Madero and, when he entered, his own neighbors blamed him for the “VIP vaccination.”

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