This is why you should stop using Google Chrome to watch Netflix

This is why you should stop using Google Chrome to watch Netflix

If you’re watching Netflix using your laptop and Google Chrome as your browser, you’re not taking advantage of your subscription and that’s why you need to switch browsers now.

The best way to enjoy a series or a movie is from the sofa with a television capable of reproducing all the details, tones and nuances that the director of photography together with the director of filming conceived when creating a cinematographic work. All this accompanied by a sound system capable of creating the perfect sound environment.

Since this is an ideal situation and within the reach of few people, the rest of us have to do what we can with what we have and, in fact, many times we watch series or movies from devices such as laptops, mobile phones and tablets. The democratization of access may have given rise to subway seat spectators.

In an effort to maximize the form or, rather, the experience, we are going to give you some advice that will be very useful if you are used to watching Netflix using Google Chrome. The first advice is to stop using this browser, why? Because in the case of paying the 4K subscription, this resolution is not supported.

The reasons are quite long to mention, but the basic thing to understand is that both Google Chrome and Firefox work using a DRM software system that what it does is certify both the browser and the platforms that reproduce content. By using DRM in software and not hardware, Netflix takes steps to protect your interests.

By using a software version, Netflix cannot ensure that users do not screen record their content. and, therefore, as a preventive way, what the platform does is to restrict the quality of the content. By doing this, all the series and movies that are projected on the platform are given in HD or 720p.

Bearing this in mind, It makes no sense to be paying the highest subscription that allows you to enjoy content in 4K resolution and then enjoy it from a browser that will only be able to play it in HD. In this case, it is best to stop using this browser and bet on those that do offer the highest resolution available.

The two browsers that are capable of supporting 4K resolution are Microsoft Edge and Safari, due to the fact that they have support for DRM via hardware.. Allowing you to make the most of your subscription on this platform and enjoy the content in the best possible way from your laptop.


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