This hammock in a child's room is a treasure: every little whiny regains its perfect mood

This hammock in a child’s room is a treasure: every little whiny regains its perfect mood

Children’s room is a place that has a huge impact on the development of the youngest. It is a private space where a toddler grows, matures and shapes his personality. That’s why getting it right is so important. Each properly furnished room must have a zone where the toddler can calm down and relieve stress. The hammock is perfect for this.

Swinging and rocking have a significant impact on the child’s development. It calms down, stimulates the labyrinth, relaxes and regenerates strength, ensuring effective rest. In the hammock, the child can recharge the batteries. And no one said that the hammock can only be outside! The hammock can be incorporated into the children’s room, thus creating a wonderful relaxation area.

Hammock Malis by Elior it is not only comfortable but also beautiful, and children love it. It was entirely made of carefully selected, high-quality materials. The soft and extremely stylish seat is 100% cotton Magic 3XT. This material is distinguished by above-average resistance to impact, stretching and long-term loading. For that it is resistant to dirt and moisture. Magic 3XT cotton it does not cause allergies, provides the skin with air circulation, it is easy to wash and it is very pleasant to the touch.

Its filling is high-quality synthetic down made of appropriately shaped polyester fibers, whose task is to maintain elasticity and create a series of air chambers that take care of thermals. Polyester fibers do not absorb excess moisture and in contact with water performs much better than natural down. The down used to create the Malis hammock also stands out high resilience – up to 700 cuin.

The whole thing stays on thick, durable and abrasion-resistant ropes attached to the natural pine wood. The thoroughly sanded surface of the material has been protected with a natural protective impregnation, completely free from formaldehyde, which protects against scratching and abrasion of the wood. As a result, it is well tolerated by allergy sufferers and sensitive people, and most importantly – they have a neutral effect on health.

More benefits of hammock rocking:

  • calms down and calms down
  • provides a sense of security
  • stimulates the brain to be active (while swinging, connections between neurons are created, thanks to which the child’s intellectual potential increases)
  • develops the sense of balance and motor coordination
  • develops spatial imagination
  • strengthens the muscles of the entire body
  • supports the processes related to concentration and learning
  • supports the development of speech and auditory perception
  • accelerates and stimulates motor development

Great development of the child is also ensured by the scooter:

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