The general secretary of the PSOE-A, Juan Espadas, at the

The PSOE of Juan Espadas imposes a ‘tax’ on the groups to balance the accounts after the 19J fiasco


The regional management requires that a percentage of the bank balances be delivered after losing 300,000 euros in subsidies

The general secretary of the PSOE-A, Juan Espadas, at the last meeting of the Steering Committee, on July 14.PSOE ANDALUCA
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The PSOE of Juan Espadas not only lost 127,984 votes and the political hegemony in Andalusia on June 19. The fiasco of the renewal list headed by the socialist leader has also resulted in a income collapse proportional to the reduction of its weight in the Andalusian Parliament. If during the previous legislature he received an allocation from the autonomous chamber of 3.23 million euros, in which he has just started that amount will be reduced by approximately 300,000 euros. It is not a tragedy, but that, together with the campaign expenses that must be paid, force the party to tighten its belt.

But the regional management has decided that the sacrifices it is not going to assume them alone, but rather they are going to extend to local and district groups throughout Andalusia, which it is forcing to contribute with their own savings to balance the accounts with a kind of “revolutionary tax”, according to critical socialist sources qualify it.

This non-voluntary contribution varies from one group to another, since they have established fringes according to the amount of the bank balances of each of them. The more savings in the banks, the greater the amount of this “tax”.

It is explained by the Secretary of Administration of the Andalusian PSOE, Juan Tomás de Aranda, in the release that they have begun to receive at the party headquarters and in which they are given until September 30 to make the transfers effective with the amount that corresponds to them to pay.

Thus, those groups that have more than 10,000 euros in their bank accounts will have to contribute 15% of their balance, those that have between 7,500 and 10,000 euros, with 10%; those who have between 5,000 and 7,500, with 7.5% and only those who have saved less than 5,000 euros will be freed from the forced collection promoted by the regional directorate of Swords.

In the letter sent to the groups, the person in charge of Administration justifies the measure by the need to “readjust” the financing of the party and for this he says that it is necessary to establish “a collaboration framework” between the regional structure and the local and district groupings.

He also explains that a study has been made of the economic situation of each group and, based on the results, criteria have been established that are “as equitable and balanced” as possible, and De Aranda ends by “thanking you for your understanding“.

This kind of collection gives an idea of ​​the difficulties that, also economically, the electoral results of June 19 have caused for the PSOE, which although it retained the 33 seats it obtained in December 2018, fell from the psychological and historical threshold of one million votes and ceased to be, for the first time since autonomy was established, the leading political force in the Hospital of the Five Wounds.

That supposes, in addition to the political and moral blow, a economic losssince not only is the allocation received directly from Parliament reduced -the PSOE will lose 1.2 million in this legislature-, but also the formation led by Espadas has to repay the advances received for campaign expenses and loans with which, also, financed it.

For the most part, the Andalusian PSOE turned to the microcredits with a campaign aimed especially at militants and sympathizers, appealing for their “commitment.” As explained on the party’s website, “they are not donations” and “they have a reward”. Specifically, the borrowed money – between 200 and 10,000 euros – will be returned with an annual interest rate of 2.5%.

outrage and surprise

“Requisition”, “revolutionary tax” or “confiscation” are some of the qualifiers that are being heard in some of the offices of the Andalusian PSOE to which the notification from the regional leadership requesting/imposing the contribution to the coffers of the party has already arrived.

The initiative of the Swords team has caused surprise because it had not even been previously announced and, from one day to the next, the groups have found themselves forced to cede part of their resources.

Socialist sources emphasize that, in addition, the measure has been adopted at a particularly sensitive time, given the proximity of the municipal elections, fixed for the next month of May. The money that the groups have in their bank accounts are, these sources point out, the savings that they have been gathering in the last four years to meet their own expenses for that electoral campaign that is not covered by the regional or federal structure and now they see how they are ” confiscate” part of that money.

For their part, from the regional leadership of the PSOE, they have not commented on this controversy and have not responded to EL MUNDO’s request to know their assessment.


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