The Front of All and the bet to consolidate a "new stage"

The Front of All and the bet to consolidate a "new stage"

Vice President’s photo Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner beside Serge Massabefore his assumption as Minister of Economy, added to the image that was seen this Tuesday in the Congress of the Nation of the Tigrense hugging the deputy Maximo Kirchnerand the Minister of the Interior, Eduardo “Wado” de Pedro–both leaders of the Cámpora– sealed for the ruling party “the new stage” which the president spoke about on Monday Alberto Fernandez. “There’s a widespread optimism of all of us in this space. An optimism that has to do with reality and also with the hope that we do well“, said to Page 12 an important referent of Peronism, who put into words the sentiment that reigns within the Frente de Todos at this time. From Kirchnerism, beyond the forcefulness of the images, they prefer to remain silent and not make any further comments. Close to La Cámpora they stressed that “we are not bitching, that is the maximum indicator of support for a non-own member.”

From the Executive they consider that the photo of CFK and Massa is “the clearest expression of the vice president’s commitment to this rearrangement of the cabinet and specifically with the arrival of Massa as Minister of Economy”. “In the new stage of the Government, the strength lies in the cohesion achieved by the coalition”, they defined.

“The photo it was a very important signal for all those who recognize in CFK the main leadership because it speaks of the need to unite and narrow ranks“, the deputy and general secretary of the CTA told this newspaper, Hugo Yaski. “Declaring this new stage has the objective of preventing the power factors, which have been besieging us since the beginning of the mandate, from exercising the offensive. Many of them dream of an early end and that the FdT government does not finish its mandate because that guarantees them the conditions to impose shock policies,” he added.

Along these lines, Yasky said that he trusts “Massa’s DNA”, which he described as “a purebred politician”. “Unlike Guzmán, Massa does not come from the technocracy. He has his feet on the groundis related to the reality of the humble sectors, something that Guzmán did not have,” he stressed. For the CTA leader, “Massa, because of his political outlook, knows, like all of us, that in this we can not fail and that, although the main task is to stabilize the economy and put under control the variable that the financial operators had taken out of the channel, after that we must recompose the social fabric by responding to the popular sectors“.

Another of the leaders of the FdT who gave his opinion on Massa’s entry was oscar parrilli, a man of extreme confidence of the vice president. The senator said that he had good expectations and that the incorporation of Massa to the cabinet, in line with what Alberto Fernández marked, “It means a new stage for the government”.You have to accompany him because it will not be easy. It is not said that we are going to be successful, or fail. We have a great opportunity ahead and we have to take advantage of it“, he expressed in dialogue with Futurock. Parrilli said that he hopes that “now – and for this the restructuring of the cabinet was done – we resume the electoral commitments of 2019”.

Deputy José Luis Gioja, meanwhile, told Page 12: “I loved the photo because it shows that we are making progress in consolidating unity, which is what we need most”. Furthermore, he stressed that “Massa is one of the guys who has the most vocation, will and initiative in political matters and has put together a team to deal with the situation with an area that was reinforced. All that power that he puts on it makes us have high hopes“.

Gioja highlighted as “positive” that Massa has gone to the Senate to see CFK on Monday and that they have chatted before the inauguration of the Tigrense, which will be this Wednesday at the Bicentennial Museum, at 5:00 p.m. “A talk with CFK always serves and helps and maintain a relationship that makes the balance of the Front and the proper functioning of our space”. For the leader, “it would be good” for the vice president to participate in the inauguration of Sergio Massa –something that has not yet been confirmed– and he highlighted as a positive fact that, during the session of Deputies this Tuesday, Máximo Kirchner and De Pedro have embraced the incoming finance minister.

The role of the President

The forcefulness of the photo between Cristina Fernández de Kirchner and Sergio Massa once again put on the table the question about what role will the President have in this “new stage” of the government. For Yasky, “the three main referents of the FdT have to be part of the solution and none can feel liberated or undermined because each one fulfills a different task”. Other sources of the Executive believed that “the President made a very intelligent decision, which is to strengthen the management, and with good results his leadership will also be strengthened”. For Gioja, Fernández “he is going to put himself on top and he is going to supervise“. “We all loved the photo of CFK and Massa, as we also like to see CFK and Alberto in an act together or when we know that there is a lunch between them. All that works and I am convinced that this is the waysaid.

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