“It was not magic, it was not business genius, it was management and corruption,” the prosecutor said on the first day of his argument in the public works trial. Serge Mola. The ironic allusion to the famous phrase of Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, accused in this process (although barely named in the hearings), revealed the political imprint of the prosecution’s statement and generated some discomfort even in court. This prosecutor shares the accusation with Diego Luciani, until now the most visible or well-known of the duo. The Minister of Justice, Martin Soriarevealed on his Twitter account that Mola visited the Casa Rosada on June 16, 2016, when he ruled Mauricio Macri. He will not be the first judicial visitor of the former president to intervene in this case, where they have already participated Mariano Borinsky Y Gustavo Horn and they will be able to continue doing so with the guarantee that the Supreme Court the same day that it rejected all CFK appeals in this case three years late.

Every judicial official involved in the persecution against @CFKArgentina sneaked in to the office of Pepin Rodriguez Simon Y macri at the Pink House. It’s not a coincidence. It is the most grotesque expression of lawfare in our country,” wrote Soria, and attached a photo of the income form to the Government House where Mola appears, with the clarification that it was a “attorney general of the nation”, that would go through the Legal and Technical Secretariat, at that time in charge of Paul Clausellascall exponent “judicial table” of macrismo. At that time Mola was a federal prosecutor in Lomas de Zamora. In the Public Prosecutor’s Office he is known as someone with a judicial career and his time in the offices of La Rosada caused surprise among some colleagues, as did some of his expressions in Until now in the trial he had played a minor role while the leading role was taken by Luciani, who this Monday began his accusation with a vehement tone, knowing that his presentation would be broadcast on several television channels.

Soria maintained that both prosecutors were seen “more concerned with seeing how the former president was adjectives than with presenting evidence” and even involved “common sense” as if it were a parameter in a trial. “The only objective is the persecution against Cristina Kirchner“, he pointed out. He recalled that only 5 of the 51 roadworks in question had already received expert opinions, “and that Cristina Fernández de Kirchner is not named in any of them.” “Listening to a prosecutor talking about a story and yelling at a computer is quite sad“, he added and predicted that sooner or later “this will end like the other causes that fell apart: Dollar Future, Memorandum with Iran or the blessed letter of San Martin”.

Some old colleagues from Luciani remember with surprise the role he had years ago, in 2013, in a matter related to the “Roadway” case that was the basis of the famous trial against Lazarus Baez where he ended up convicted of money laundering and which today’s opposition media called “The Route of K Money”. Part of that file, in its most remote origins, tried to be handled by the prosecutor Jose Maria Campagnoliwho had a case against the financier Federico Elaskar, in which he was initially singled out for extortion but ended up becoming the victim of businessman Lázaro Báez. An evaluation council made up of four prosecutors considered that Campagnoli would have tried to condition the investigation on the subject in the federal jurisdiction, would have separated from his functions, leaked information and acted with “non-legal purposes.” It was already clear then that the destiny of that cause was to associate the figure of Báez with Néstor and Cristina Fernández de Kirchner. One of the prosecutors of that council who requested in an opinion to open the removal process against Campagnoli was Luciani, along with Alejandro Alagia and Javier De Luca. Ricardo Alvarez limited himself to proposing a summary. Then the trial expired before the verdict.

In the “Baez case” the Federal Chamber of Comodoro Py, with Martín Irurzun at the head at that time, repeatedly urged Judge Sebastián Casanello to involve CFK. His situation was left to be seen, with a lack of merit, but without dismissal. That is, part of the file was left open. She recently withdrew the appeal before the higher court where everything foreshadowed unfavorable votes of Paul Bertucci (designated by hand by Macri) and Mariano Llorensanother of the former president’s visitors, whom both have benefited from their failures.

The allegation of prosecutors Luciani and Mola in the trial for the routes in Santa Cruz–amazingly based on a audit of the Road Directorate macrista who among other things said that no work was ever paid for that had not been completed and that the delays were the same as those that could occur in other provinces– it will continue for at least seven more hearings, three days a week.

The Supreme Court It was the one that cleared the way for the process to end without obstacles by resolving the vice president’s proposals three years ago, when the trial began without any specific expert opinion. The supreme threatened back then to stop the start but the headlines of the big media were stronger. Only on June 22 last, when the arguments were about to begin and the trial entered the final stretch, the Court decided to reject the vice president’s appeals in a clearly political decision. Along with that, he endorsed the continuity of the room of the Chamber of Cassation that, when the time comes, it will have to review the sentence and that it is made up of the Borinsky Y ovensWith Javier Carbajothe visitors regulars of the Quinta de Olivos and the Pink House at key moments when judicial decisions that interested Macri were at stake and that especially involved Kirchnerism. So far those meetings had protection of failures in Commodore Py that they do not notice anything doubtful or criminal in them and thus give free rein to this practice.

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