Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi flew to Taiwan.  China promised to conduct "targeted military operations" in response.  The Russian Foreign Ministry called the visit a "clear provocation"

Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi flew to Taiwan. China promised to conduct “targeted military operations” in response. The Russian Foreign Ministry called the visit a “clear provocation”


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Taiwanese Foreign Minister Joseph Wu greets Nancy Pelosi at the Taipei airport. August 2, 2022

Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi arrived in Taiwan in the late evening of August 2 local time (about 17:45 Moscow time). Her visit has been one of the main topics of world news in recent days, since it is perceived as an aggravation of the American side of relations with China, which considers the de facto independent island its territory.

A few hours before the plane with the American delegation landed in Taipei, the website FlightRadar24, which tracks the movements of aircraft, began to malfunction; in company explained this is an unprecedented attention to the flight, which was simultaneously followed, as it turned out, by more than 700 thousand people.

In Taiwan, the 500-meter Taipei 101 skyscraper displayed welcome messages ahead of the arrival of the US delegation, including “Speaker Pelosi, Welcome to TW” and “TW ❤️US”.

After the plane landed, Pelosi’s office issued an official statementaccording to which the visit of the congressional delegation is made in confirmation of the American “unshakable support” of Taiwanese democracy and “in no way contradicts” the American policy towards China.

Simultaneously, The Washington Post published Nancy Pelosi’s “Why I’m Leading a Congressional Delegation to Taiwan” column. In it, the congresswoman explained that the United States made a promise to maintain the security of Taiwan and now must remember it, since Taiwanese democracy is under threat from China: according to Pelosi, Beijing has increased military activity near the island in recent years so much that it forced the US Department of Defense to conclude about China’s likely preparations for the forceful accession of Taiwan.

“Our visit should be taken as an unequivocal statement that America stands by Taiwan as long as it defends itself and its freedom,” she said. The speaker also recalled that in 1991 she visited China with a Congress delegation and deployed to tiananmen square ribbon with the inscription “To those who died for democracy in China.” She stated that the human rights situation in China has only worsened.

Minutes after the plane landed, the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement, which called Pelosi’s trip a “serious violation” of the One China policy that violates China’s sovereignty, endangers peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait, and sends “wrong signals” to supporters of “Taiwan independence.” “China and the US are the two largest countries. The right way for them to deal with each other is only through mutual respect, peaceful coexistence, non-confrontation and mutually beneficial cooperation. <...> The United States must stop tangling with Taiwan and interfering in China’s internal affairs,” the statement said.

Ministry of Defense of China stated, which is on high alert, is going to launch “a number of targeted military operations” as a countermeasure and will “confidently defend national sovereignty and territorial integrity.” Chinese military also announced on conducting maritime and air exercises in six areas around Taiwan from August 4 to 7. Pelosi is expected to leave the island before the start of the exercise. writes F.T.

20 minutes before the visit Chinese TV reportedthat Chinese Su-35 fighter jets are “crossing the Taiwan Strait” separating China and Taiwan. How writes Reuters, citing a source, in previous days, Chinese warplanes and ships not only approached, but also “touched” the unofficial border. At the end of the previous week, the Chinese military announced exercises in the Taiwan Strait area, and also announced flights of military aircraft around the island, writes The New York Times. The Taiwanese military also conducted exercises last week.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation declared, which considers the visit of Nancy Pelosi “a clear provocation in the spirit of the aggressive US line on the comprehensive containment of China.” Office representative Maria Zakharova noted on the afternoon of August 2, that Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov is also flying to Asia, but “it’s not a provocation, like Pelosi, but cooperation.” One of the points of Lavrov’s visit is Myanmar, where a military coup took place in 2021, causing mass protests, during the suppression of which people were killed, according to some estimatesover two thousand people.

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