Hydration of the skin is extremely important for its condition. When there is no water, the skin not only starts to look worse, but also unpleasant ailments appear. It is better not to allow such a situation, but when it does, you need to intervene to restore her healthy appearance. How can you tell if your facial skin is dehydrated?

Water is extremely important for the human body. Thanks to it, the proper functioning of the whole organism is possible, it also guarantees the health of the skin. Its deficiency very quickly results, among others, in the appearance of dry mouth, feeling of thirst, headache or decreased concentration. It is easy to do when there is not enough water in the diet, we drink a lot of coffee, and when it is hot outside. But dehydration can also surprise you in winter, when the radiators heat up a lot. In addition, ailments such as diarrhea, vomiting or fever can affect the lack of water in the body. Even a few percent decrease in its amount can be noticed by the appearance of the skin. Dehydrated facial skin lets you know about the problem very quickly. And such signals should not be ignored.

Six symptoms of dehydrated facial skin

Bruising under the eyes

The skin under the eyes is thinner and softer than the skin on the rest of the face. It also has fewer sebaceous glands, so dehydration is very noticeable here. Dehydrated skin under the eyes is swollen and darkened.

Loss of shine

With a lack of water, the skin becomes dry, and the layer of dead cells is not properly removed from its surface. When dehydrated, it becomes gray, earthy, and lifeless.


Dehydrated skin may look oily. By defending itself against water deficiency, it begins to retain moisture in deep layers, while increasing the production of sebum. It is a protective substance that creates a specific barrier that prevents further water loss.

The formation of irritation

Irritated and excessively sensitive skin suffers from the lack of an adequate protective barrier. As a result, external factors such as sun, wind, low temperatures, bacteria and air pollution are irritating to it. This may result in the appearance of redness, as well as intolerance to cosmetics that have not been a problem so far. Acne breakouts can appear, because it is impossible to remove toxins and harmful metabolic products without adequate amounts of water. Their accumulation in the body causes problems with the condition of the skin.


Itching and peeling of the skin are other signs of dehydration. They are most often accompanied by a tight feeling and an unpleasant burning sensation.

Deepening wrinkles

Due to dehydration, wrinkles become deeper. The skin becomes less supple, which makes it wrinkle more and looks older.

How to moisturize the skin?

The skin can be hydrated from the inside as well as moisturized from the outside to stop water from escaping. To remedy the situation, the first thing you need to do is to drink a few glasses of water during the day. In addition, it is worth reaching for fruits and vegetables that not only provide great hydration, but also contain vitamins and minerals, and antioxidants important for skin health. It is also necessary to choose moisturizing cosmetics, and in the case of very rough, flaky skin, dermocosmetics strengthen the weakened protective coat of the skin.

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