Reconquest of power: Adema refines its strategy under the leadership of Marimantia

Reconquest of power: Adema refines its strategy under the leadership of Marimantia

In less than a year of presidency, Marimantia Diarra is succeeding in giving color to the Alliance for Democracy in Mali-African Party for Solidarity and Justice (ADEMA-PASJ). Relegated to the background of the political scene in recent years, this party is repositioning itself better and better in the political debate. A good thing for “La Ruche” before the next elections aimed at bringing Mali into an era of responsible and transparent governance.

Can Marimantia Diarra put Adema back in the spotlight»? This is the question asked by colleagues from “Young Africathe day after his election as president of the Alliance for Democracy in Mali-African Party for Solidarity and Justice (ADEMA-PASJ) on October 18, 2021.

Indeed, at the end of the 6th party congress, Marimantia Diarra won the votes of 45 delegates, against only nine for the outgoing president, Pr. Tiémoko Sangaré, whose record was increasingly criticized by influential executives and activists. of the “The Beehive“.

They felt it was time to change the mode of governance. The objective is now to strengthen the achievements of Adema, to consolidate the discipline of the party and to broaden its base.“, had entrusted to the press the new president of the largest Malian political formation in terms of establishment and also of experience in the governance of the country since the advent of democracy in March 1991.

According to observers, the choice of the former Minister of Planning (under the presidency of the late Amadou Toumani Touré) and current member of the National Transitional Council (CNT), is not fortuitous. A man of the seraglio, he was the linchpin (Secretary General) of Adema for nearly 15 years (from 2000) before occupying vice-presidency seats.

The change of option is especially felt today in the positions taken by the party in relation to events linked to the life of the nation. They shine with their objectivity and pragmatism. The party does not lose itself in the conjecture of condemnations of principles. He always takes a really clear position, without any ambiguity, expressed the events and the debates.

We also feel the change in support for the transitional authorities. Support that Adema does not want as a blank check. Evidenced by his reaction to the words “unfortunateof the Prime Minister whose resignation he demands as if to guarantee transparent and credible elections at the end of this transition.

Relevant debates, without complex and without prejudices on democracy, political and institutional reforms…

The vision of change that Marimantia and its team are trying to establish is also manifested by the multiplication of frameworks for exchange, both internally and with all the living forces of the nation (political class, civil society, etc.). ) without prejudice or complexes. The new management team fully assumes its past management of power and does not hesitate to put the dots on the “Iwhen we try in bad faith to blame him for certain dysfunctions observed in the governance of the country.

The Constitution of February 25, 1992, the Charter of the transition, the electoral law and the project for the elaboration of the new Constitution (advantages, limits, and consequences for the success of this Transition)… were, among others, the questions debated during of the conference-debate organized on July 14, 2022 (at the Maison de la presse) by Adema. Themes debated by eminent specialists such as Me Kassoum Tapo (lawyer), Dr Makan Moussa Sissoko (constitutionalist); Dr. Mamadou Konaté (teacher-researcher) and Pr. Cheick Hamalla Touré (dean of the University of Administrative and Political Sciences of Mali).

Contrary to the quarrels of the parochial on these questions, this initiative of Adema nourishes the Malian democracy and encourages the political parties and the organizations of the civil society to seize the democratic debate“Commented a colleague from” The Challenger “. A comment that we share like many other observers of Malian political news.

Already, on April 2, 2022, Adema-Pasj distinguished itself by organizing a high-level panel on 31 years of democracy in Mali. “March 26, 91-March 26, 2022, 31 years of democratic exercise: Where are we?was the main theme of this high-level panel. A theme debated by the main actors of the democratic movement of March 1991 (Djiguiba Kéita aka PPR, Me Mountaga Tall, Pr. Ali Nouhoum Diallo, Pr. Tiémoko Sangaré, Pr. Bintou Sanankoua, Hadi Niangadou, Modibo Sidibé, Boubacar Alpha Bah aka Bill , Oumar Ibrahim Touré, Fatoumata Konté Doumbia, Pr. Salikou Sanogo, Dr. Soumana Sacko, Adama Samassékou, Me Hamidou Diabaté, Tiébilé Dramé, Dr. Oumar Mariko, Mrs. Sy Kadiatou Sow, Dr. Chérif Cissé, Pr. Moustapha Dicko, Adama Tiémoko Diarra…).

A very good initiative hailed at its fair value by all convinced democrats. It is indeed comforting to note that the actors of the democratic movement (very divided in recent years by the division of the cake, forgiveness, by the conquest and the exercise of power) can still find themselves around the baby born by their struggle under the banner of the Democratic Movement.

Initiatives that arouse within “The Beehivea strong comeback to the political scene. And of course the best barometer of this political upturn will be the party’s score in future elections, which are as crucial for Mali as for the party of “The Bee“. For a first, since 2002 (with the late Soumaïla Cissé), we are finally waiting for an Alliance candidate in the starting block of the next presidential election which will be very open according to many observers. According to the texts of the party, to defend its colors in the presidential election, it is necessary to be a member of the political formation for at least 5 years. “It is time that we assume ourselves to conquer power. We cannot continue to sell the party to the highest bidder at the risk of losing our identity and flouting our political heritage and experience.“, had hammered an influential part of the party on the sidelines of the congress last October.

Adema’s new strongman, Marimantia Diarra, no doubt dreams of going down in history as the president who allowed Adema-Pasj to return to power. In Bamako-coura (where ADEMA sits), regaining power remains a challenge. And obviously we are already launched, without haste, in discretion but with great determination!


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