New step towards the removal of subsidies

New step towards the removal of subsidies

The Secretary of Energy formalized the validity of the new prices for natural gas which will be applicable to residential users of the network service who will no longer receive subsidies, according to the new tariff scheme that arises from the registration in the Registry of Access to Energy Subsidies (RASE).

This prices They will run for level 1 users, which are those with high incomes along with those who have not completed the form. In the case of levels 2 (lower income) and 3 (average income), this year they will not have any modification with respect to the rate they were paying until now.

The new prices were established through resolution 610/2022, published in the Official Gazette. These are about 30 different values ​​at the point of entry to the system (PIST) that differ depending on the distributor and the different subzones that exist in each concession.

Users included in the level 1 segment will pay the full cost of public natural gas services by network contained in the bill. The increases will be applied in bimonthly thirds, so that, at the end of the current year, they are paying the full cost of the energy billed to them.

New prices

According to the tables, a user of the distributor metrogaswhich operates in the Metropolitan Area of ​​Buenos Aires (AMBA), will pay 13.42 pesos per cubic meter in the first increment (which will be reflected in the September billing), which represents an increase of 33.5 percent in relation to the 10.05 pesos per m3 that he currently pays.

With the second rise (38.66 percent compared to the level of September), will pay 18,606 pesos per cubic meter in November, while in the third and last (in force in the invoices of January 2023), the corresponding charge will be 25.80 pesos. per cubic meter, with an increase of 38.18 percent in relation to the previous level.

Other examples: users in the province of Tierra del Fuego (an area operated by Camuzzi Gas del Sur) will have, as of August 31, the lowest gas price per cubic meter in the country, of 6.37 pesos; and those from the northern area of ​​Buenos Aires (Gas Natural Ban) the highest, at 13.93 pesos; after the first adjustment. These values ​​will increase from October 31 to 8.83 pesos and 19.32 pesos respectively; and then on December 31 they will rise again to 12.25 and 26.79 pesos.

It should be clarified that it is the price of gas at the point of entry into the system (PIST) and not the rate directly faced by the household. Based on the PIST information, the distributors can now put together the rate charts that will effectively allow users to know how much the variable charge and the fixed charge that appear on the bill will cost them.

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