Marches in different parts of the City to demand housing solutions

Marches in different parts of the City to demand housing solutions

The organizations that converge in Unidad Piquetera made blockades of streets in more than ten points of the City of Buenos Aires to protest against the housing policy that Horacio Rodríguez Larreta has been carrying out for years. They pointed out that there is no support for tenants, and that social housing programs are not advancing, which is aggravated for women who “are victims of gender violence.” The claim was, then, that there be a “definitive housing solution for tenants and the real urbanization of villas and homes for victims of gender violence”. They called for a universal renter’s subsidy.

Against the policy that the Buenos Aires government has been carrying out for years, they demanded the “suspension of evictions for tenants and members of recovered houses and the formal connection to the water network in all the blocks of the city’s villas.” “The skyrocketing of prices as a result of the economic and social crisis that we are going through does not exclude rents, which in recent months have increased even above inflation,” he remarked. Eduardo Belliboni, referent of the Polo Obrero. “With inflation at record levels, we believe that the indexation of rents should be based on the Minimum, Vital and Mobile Salary, much more in line with the situation of the formal and informal working class, not to mention the unemployed,” he said. .

From the IVC, they responded that “for 6 years, the City has been working on the urban, housing and socio-economic integration of popular neighborhoods”. They maintain that it has built 6085 homes in these years (1,254 in Barrio 31; 611 in Rodrigo Bueno, 678 in Playón Chacarita; 1,665 in Barrio 20; 1,877 ACUMAR/Sirga). And that more than 5,300 families have already moved. They also indicated that the relocation of families from Villa 31 made it possible to open 52 streets and alleys.

From the Piquetera Unit they said that the works did not advance as the IVC declaims and pointed out that much of what is being done is “cosmetic.” “Access to the precarious housing subsidy is completely restricted, added to the fact that the amounts are completely out of date”Belliboni warned.

The Buenos Aires government maintained that it has no interference in the evictions, despite the fact that the person who is driving them is Juan Mahiques, head of the prosecutors and Larreta’s man in the Judiciary. In fact, years ago, when he was Chief of Staff, Larreta boasted that “slowly and in silence the evictions are being carried out”.

The Piquetera Unit warned that “In the city of Buenos Aires almost 400 thousand people live in villas or settlements, 40 percent of the population rents”. “The orientation of the Government of Larreta is in favor of the big speculators, approving laws and agreements that allow the construction of luxury homes, which have expanded in recent years, alienating public lands and green spaces, contrary to the needs of majorities,” they noted.

The protests. they began at 10 on Tuesday, in Perito Moreno and Cruz; San Juan and Entre Rios; Amancio Alcorta and Iriarte; Cobo and Curapaligüe; Mariano Acosta and Cruz; Cespedes and Triumvirate; Climbing and Eva Perón; and Pola y Cruz, and in the Torre de los Ingleses area, in Retiro. In addition, the City Housing Institute (IVC) and the Ministry of Human Development were mobilized.

The claims of left-wing movements and neighborhood organizations for the housing deficit in CABA have been going on since 2020, when they presented a document in which they raised “the right to access to land and housing, access to drinking water and real urbanization. of the villages”.

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