Letter to grandfather: New cultural constitution!

Letter to grandfather: New cultural constitution!

Dear grandfather, very, very happy! We decided to write a new constitution. Yes, yes grandpa! We will sit down and write another constitution for Mali. That’s what we decided for the ”Mali-kura”. A new Constitution with the Old Malian. Nobody is going to change. We will all stay as we are. Because we have discovered, rather understood the real culprit of the Malian problems. It’s France. She is chased away. She will leave. We will have new texts worthy of Mali-Kura. Yes Mali-Kura in the truest sense of the term.

Yes Grandpa! Despite the fact that Soumangourou and Sundiata have disappeared without ever being found, despite that one was uprooting baobabs and the other was invulnerable, we are going to put the Charter of Kurukan-Fuga in the constitution. Mali will appropriate its constitution. We are going to put our tongues in the constitution. We are going to put our cultural values ​​in the constitution. The heroic struggle of the M-5RFP which brought down a democratically elected president and the institutions of the Republic will have its place in the new constitution. The CNSP as well of course. To encourage having many colonels like Assimi in Mali. Good coup-makers!

Yes, dear grandfather, the culture of the Tuaregs, Arabs, Songhaïs, Bellas, Peulhs, Dogons, Bozos, Bambaras, Sarakolés, Kassokas, Mandenkas, Somonos, Moors, Dafings, Miniankas, Sénoufo, Mossis, Samogos, Kakolos etc. Without forgetting Muslims, Christians, animists, atheists etc. Northerners, centrists, southerners, everyone. Women, men, young people, children, old people…

History, present and future. All Malians being equal, ethnically and geographically, each will have a place for his culture in the constitution. Our languages, our habits and customs, our habits. All. The constitution is open. We’ll put whatever everyone wants in there. We will have a cultural constitution! This is what will protect us against France!

And so, dear grandfather, the new constitution that will be written, if your language is not in it, your cultural values ​​are not in it, your religion is not in it, ipso facto, you are no longer Malian. The constitution will be made with the cultural values, language and religion of true Malians. Those whose Mali belongs from Kayes to Kidal. We are going to give a nationality to our dear Mali. By its constitution, Mali will have one or more ethnic groups and one or more languages. Everything must be done to get rid of France!

Dear grandfather, I pray. May Allah protect us from this day when everyone will want to remove their little beautiful thread in their cultural and geographical color from this beautiful carpet that is Mali, even Amadou Hampâté Bâ. I leave you here dear grandfather. A constitution is not a novel but the Sacred which defines power, describes power and delimits power. It is not a dustbin for everyone. See you next Tuesday, for my 31st letter. Insha’Allah!

Letter from Koureichy

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