Julia Franzen became a name to remember when she participated in the reality shows Cirkus Magaluf and Robinson 2020.

But Julia only made a real breakthrough when she took her place on the TV screen as Sweden’s first Bachelorette in 2021. Since then, she has acquired a large and loyal crowd of followers on social media and now works as an influencer, podcaster, life coach and personal trainer.

Not least Julia arouses commitment together with her great love, the celebrity photographer Bingo Rimér. Today, the couple live in a long-distance relationship, but are often seen both in Stockholm, where Bingo lives, and in Julia’s dream home in Marbella.

“Girls, what do you want?”

Now Julia Franzén herself is in Marbella and takes the opportunity to spend a little time with her followers on Instagram – where she chooses to share a really special story.

– When I and Camilla was in South Korea in 2016, so we met a guy who was one of the richest people in the country, says Julia in her events.

Photo: Instagram/Julia Franzén

The businessman worked at a large mobile phone company and was an heir to a very wealthy family. Julia and her friend were invited to South Korea by a friend, who was there on a business trip and had been allowed to bring his group of friends with him. There they got to stay for free in one of the luxury hotels that the rich South Korean owned.

– He loved me and Camilla. Then he said this: “Girls, what do you want?”, says Julia.

She goes on to say that she and her friend didn’t know at all what they wanted to do with their lives, but that they vaguely said that they wanted to start a business.

“I invest”, the man is said to have said.

Photo: Instagram/Julia Franzén

“Then there’s a credit card there”

But how did this rich man become so fond of Julia Franzén and her friend? Well, there doesn’t seem to have been any effort on the part of the girls…

– We met him one once at a dinner. We sang karaoke, notes Julia on Instagram.

The South Korean man is said to have appreciated the friends offering themselves and spreading joy, as they dined together and later went on to a private karaoke venue.

– We had so much fun and danced to Abba, and he just thought me and Camilla were so much fun. Everyone was so stiff at this dinner, but Camilla and I have never been stiff. We have met a lot of such people, but we are always ourselves, she says.

Photo: Instagram/Julia Franzén

The day after the dinner, the businessman is said to have gone to China, but left behind a very special gift for the girls…

– We get a call from the reception: “Girls, you have something in the reception”. Then there’s a credit card there, Julia laughs.

Photo: Instagram/Julia Franzén

“We can have what we want”

With the credit card, the girls could at least live the life of the flea!

– We felt like the boy with the gold pants. It never ended! We went to LA, we paid our rent… We had as much as we wanted, exclaims Julia Franzén on Instagram and continues:

– It sounds too good to be true, but it was.

Photo: Instagram/Julia Franzén

Julia and her friend were ecstatic about all the money they suddenly had access to. So they called their parents home in Sweden to share their riches.

– We called mum and dad at home and said “What do you want? We can get what we want! We can buy whatever you want!”

Photo: Instagram/Julia Franzén

The father’s unexpected reaction to Julia Franzén’s new riches

But Julia Franzén’s parents didn’t ask for much. In her events on Instagram, Julia tells us that her parents live in a small unrenovated cabin in Lerum, have outdated mobile phones and generally could use a lot.

– They don’t have much, says Julia.

But despite that, it was above all a food that the parents were hungry for.

“So I would just like a really good cheese”, Julia’s father is said to have said, which amuses Julia.

Photo: Instagram/Julia Franzén

– Of all things, he wants a really good cheese. It’s so damn cute, Julia laughs in her events.

Source: Then24

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