Is it all just satire?  Green politicians want Saxony "just let it burn in a controlled manner"

Is it all just satire? Green politicians want Saxony "just let it burn in a controlled manner"

Aug 2, 2022 8:17 p.m

It is well known from numerous statements that the love of the Greens for their own people, who have been living in Germany for some time, is limited. At the weekend, a provincial Green stepped up against the Saxons, who were already battered by the forest fires.

By Kaspar Sachsen

Whether it was the “disgusting white majority society” that the current chairwoman of the Green Youth, Sarah-Lee Heinrich, disgusted in 2019, or the statement by Federal Minister of Economics Robert Habeck in 2010, according to which he “love of fatherland […] always sucked up” and “never knew what to do with Germany” – the sympathies of the current governing party for its own population are manageable. This was shown once again at the weekend: On Saturday, the former Green City Councilor of Dresden, Robert Schlick, wrote on twitter:

“Perhaps Saxony should simply be allowed to burn down in a controlled manner.”

In the picture there is still a screenshot of the tweet, which was no longer legible at the beginning of the week and was later described by Schlick as “satire”. The 32-year-old, who has lived in Hamburg since 2021, is alluding to the devastating forest fires in Bohemian and Saxon Switzerland – “99 percent” of which were caused by a burning cigarette or arson, as the Czech national park administration announced at the end of July.

But for Schlick, the temptation to combine two narratives of green ideology was apparently too great: climate hysteria and East German or here Saxony bashing. However, there have always been dry spells and droughts in midsummer, as well as weirdos who enjoy forest fires, just like Saxons who don’t want Berlin or other “hip” big cities to dictate how they have to live. Neither suits Mr. Schlick, of course. His tweet on Tuesday shows that he has no real insight and that a lot of “attitude” can be expected in the future. There it says:

“A tweet heats up people more than a big fire in your own front yard. The outrage should be about climate change and its consequences, about politicians who don’t act and those who deny science and treat our planet carelessly.”

Media report: Landlords in Saxony ration hot water

Presumably Mr. Schlick will find more support in cloudy and green Hamburg than in “dark Germany” as he is constantly outraged by the Saxon “science deniers” – that’s probably the best thing for both sides.

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