The Secretary of State for Equality, Ángela Rodríguez.

Irene Montero gives permission to fat women to exist

The bad thing is the campaign, the scandal is the logical thing. Once you have created the Ministry of Equality, you will have to use it. And you will have to use it to promote gender equality where it does not exist, which is beyond democratic law, and which is therefore in the field of uses, customs and desires.

The Secretary of State for Equality, Ángela Rodríguez.


And once you’ve dared to tell people, presumably free, adult citizens, what bodies they should find desirable, then that’s about it. Quincey’sa matter of time before you dare to steal photos or use Photoshop to “normalize” the very normal bodies that you were promoting.

Because all bodies are equally desirable, but some are more so than others. And it is known that this is an inescapable law, not only of the sexual desire of humans, but of the desire for domination of governments.

The campaign forces the selection, and in the same way that they did not include supermodels, who neither need help nor aspire to any normality, they did not include the girl’s prosthesis either. Because some criteria will have to be met and some limit will have to be set if we are going to have to live together, in peace and so handsome and desirable.

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And it is that these campaigns do not promote anything more than the hypocrisy of the related, according to which now it is time to show that our beaches are like those of The Baywatch. It is about making us pretend that there are no fat women on our beaches and that if there were, they would be the most unsavory fat women in the world. As it happened, by the way, according to Vladimir Putinwith the whores in Russia.

And that is why the interesting thing about the controversy is not the criticism of the unbelievers, but the defenses of honest people, who are the worst.

That of an allegedly fat woman, for example, who said that of course she was already going to the beach and that there would be more to come and that this is a free country and so on, but that now she and her peers would do it knowing that they have the support of the Ministry.

There are people who are constantly looking for permission to exist. And who always finds someone happy to give it to him.

These are the people who best understand these situations that seem to the rest of us, simply, between ridiculous and criminal. And that jumps to the first to show her support for the courage of the minister and all her minions because she knows well that what it is about here is to unite the sect.

And for that, in the face of doubts and surveys, you have to raise the stakes in a spiral of ridicule that does not serve, logically, to convince anyone. But yes to keep their own captive.

The proper ones love to be given permission to exist and they love to be part of the group of the good ones. Even if it is as a useful fool. Because every day that passes, every new frog that is swallowed, it is more difficult to break with the sect without also breaking with oneself.

That is why it is not fair to say that the campaigns are diversionary maneuvers so that we do not talk about gas or unemployment or in general about what is coming our way. It is not fair to the faith and effort that the promoters and their minister put into it, nor is it fair to the following of others.

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These campaigns are much more and much worse than smoke screens. They are warnings and a kind of stress test for followers and followers. They show them well the price to pay in order to continue being one of the good guys, with all the good that this entails when the good guys rule, and they show us well how far they are willing to displace the center of sectarianism and normality.

And so, once they agree to pretend that there are no fat women on our beaches and that all bodies are normal and equally desirable, it will be much easier for them to take the next steps. And us to understand them.

Understand, for example, that when the Government decrees that inflation is Putin’s fault, television will have to explain how fun and how cheap it is to spend the summer with watermelon and camping, as in late Francoism.

And that when the Government calls for everyone to row together and be hot in summer and cold in winter, the newspaper that yesterday editorialized against austericide will now have to sell us the virtue and the progressive and left-wing necessity of the new culture of austerity.

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