Increase in remittances

Increase in remittances

The money that Mexicans who work abroad, mostly in the United States of America (USA), has experienced a significant increase this year: “In the first half of 2022, the value of income from remittances was 27,565 million pesos. dollars, an amount greater than the 23,647 million dollars reported in the same period of 2021 and which meant an annual increase of 16.6%” (Banco de México, Analytical Report, August 1, 2022). To describe the importance of this amount of remittances from abroad, a comparative analysis can be made.

In the first semester of 2021, according to the “Total Exports” report of the Bank of Mexico, the country exported 236,368.7 million dollars. Comparing total exports with remittances in the first half of 2021, they represent 10%. While when comparing them with remittances for the same period in 2022, the percentage rises to 12%. This represents an increase of 20% from one year to the next, in that comparative analysis. That is, for every 100 dollars that Mexico, in the private and public sectors, produced and sold abroad, in the first six months of 2021, Mexicans working abroad sent Mexico 10 dollars and in 2022 it was 12 dollars. In other words, the millions of Mexicans who live and work abroad send to Mexico more than 10% of everything that the national economy produces and sells abroad.


These figures show how tens of millions of Mexican girls, boys, adolescents, citizens and citizens receive their support from abroad, the vast majority from the USA. They support millions of Mexican families. This shows the solidarity of those women and men who suffer the vicissitudes of legal and illegal migration. Danger, harassment and sometimes even death. Looking for a job opportunity to support their family and loved ones. The president of the republic, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, declared on July 15: “We will always defend our migrant brothers, living heroes and heroines.”

These Mexicans are, without a doubt, exemplary. Well, in the midst of the difficulties they have to go through to adapt to a new country, to a new culture, to a different language, to the separation from their loved ones, they do not forget to send them economic support to Mexico. They are the example that Mexico has a people that will continue to fight for their freedom, for their democracy and, above all, for a country where inequalities, corruption and injustice cease to be the currency of social action. Any party or politician who does not understand it will be doomed to failure and social and electoral rejection.


Yesterday, August 2, the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) issued a bulletin, which says: “At this time, the FGR is developing investigation procedures in various folders for federal crimes, against Enrique “P”. The first case includes various complaints in which the company OHL is involved, both in crimes of an electoral nature, as well as patrimonial. In this investigation, advances will allow prosecutions in the coming months. Based on complaints filed by the treasury authorities, an investigation folder for money laundering and illegal international transfers is being put together, all of which requires expert tax and treasury opinions, which have already been requested, while diverse evidence essential for the investigation is obtained. prosecution of the case. There is also an investigation folder for illicit enrichment, in which the tax and patrimonial opinions are being unburdened through the corresponding institutions and specialized experts in the matter. As procedural results are obtained, in which the public versions authorized by law can be given, this will be done immediately.”


This bulletin was taken up by the national and international press as a signal to the former Mexican president, Enrique Peña Nieto. Which leads to questioning, in the first place, why does the FGR announce that investigation to a former president? Secondly, at the beginning of January of next year the electoral process begins in the State of Mexico. Federal entity whose nominal electoral list represents 13% of the country’s voters. In addition, in 2021 the ruling electoral coalition, headed by Morena, had a lower vote in more than 700 thousand votes (42% of their votes that year). Thirdly, it remains to be seen whether there will be actions or statements by former President Peña Nieto. Something is moving in the national political sphere. To follow the analysis of what political actors and the Mexican State continue to publish.

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