Falling in love again after a breakup: five details that say it's happening to you

Falling in love again after a breakup: five details that say it’s happening to you

  • With a life expectancy of more than 80 years, 50-year-olds live a second youth, also when it comes to romantic relationships

  • To fall in love you have to be prepared: have overcome any breakup and be willing to explore new stories

  • Do we see each other with the new long-term partner, do we include it in all our plans? These are some of the questions we should ask ourselves to know if we are really in love

The number of marriage breakups (separations, divorces and annulments) increased by 13.2% in 2021 to reach 90,582, a somewhat higher figure after the drop registered in 2020 due to the pandemic, according to the Statistics on Annulments, Separations and Divorces of the National Institute of Statistics ( INE). The report also reveals that the 32% of divorces in 2021 they were produced after 20 or more years of marriage and that the average age of the spouses at the time of the breakup is 45.6 years for women and 48 years for men.

More breakups (and more new beginnings) between 40 and 50

The age range where more breakups occur is between 40 and 50 years old, followed by the range from 50 to 60. If 20 years ago, many did not dare to take the step of breaking up; now with a life expectancy greater than 80 yearspersonal aspirations change. Are we going to be 30 years installed in a bad couple or a bad marriage? It seems not. Even more so when it is possible that we can fall in love again. How do we know that he is serious? There are five signs that anticipate it. But before knowing them, let’s go by parts.

Cut previous links

To desire a new relationship, previously there has been a disconnection with the previous partner, although it has not been expressed. There may be several scenarios. In the first, the relationship no longer works and you look for what you don’t have inside the couple. In the second, the relationship seems to be going well, but there may be an unexpected breakup.

In this case, the abandoned couple faces a major suffering and to overcome it you have to go through three phases: the acceptance (the separation is irreversible), the learning (the same will not happen to me again) and the overcoming itself (I am ready for a new relationship).

In this last phase it is possible to fall in love again. Infatuation arises when there is intention to meet someone: There is an active search to find someone who fits what we need.

At 50 can we fall in love like at 20?

Behind the first wrinkles or some vital circumstances that are not propitious, there is a heart eager for emotions. Usually, we think that the older we are, the more less chance of falling in love, but the reality is that love has no age. And if we look around us we will see that there are couples of 50 who are starting a new life madly in love.

However, it is true that experience makes us more cautious. At 20 you can fall in love more quickly because sensations are enough and there is tendency to idealize the personality of the other member of the couple.

However, the increase in life expectancy makes at 50 you live a second youth. After overcoming the separation, many men and women sthey feel young, they feel strong, the children are older and can start living again.

How do you know when you’re serious?

The first thing is to differentiate if it is a whim or something more important. Sometimes we go through a crisis of coexistence that makes us distance ourselves from our partner and idealize other people. But it’s not really about love. How do we realize that this new relationship is serious? The five signs that indicate that it is a deep story are:

  1. Do you think that person can accompany you in all facets of your life, not only sexually.
  2. You look living with her long-term. There are times that we relate to transition couples, but we know that they are not the definitive person, but someone who helps us overcome a circumstance.
  3. You want present it to your environment. In addition, you continually make plans to be with her.
  4. You need deepen the commitment. The feeling is so strong that, even coming from a divorce, you consider getting married.
  5. you feel that you provides stability mental and emotional.

These questions need to be answered sincere and honest way. The important thing is not to rush and be willing to explore the new relationship knowing that if it doesn’t work out, we will be wiser. And if she does we will be happier.

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