Faced with Macron's outrageous remarks on Mali: The deafening silence of the political class and leaders of the Fulani community

Faced with Macron’s outrageous remarks on Mali: The deafening silence of the political class and leaders of the Fulani community

Not always managing to digest the military break with Mali, President Emmanuel Macron of France misses no opportunity to attack our country. During his stay in Guinea Bissau on July 28, 2022 (the last stage of an African tour which took him to Cameroon and also to Benin from July 25 to 28, 2022), he made outrageous remarks which say more about his desire to destabilize Mali by undermining national unity. If such remarks were vigorously condemned by the government, it is the radio silence on the side of the leaders of the Fulani community (which would be harassed by the FAMa) and the Malian political class.

During his press conference with his Bissau-Guinean counterpart, Umaro Sissoco Embaló, President France’s Emmanuel Macron has again tried to undermine Mali’s national unity by accusing the Malian Armed Forces (FAMa) of pursuing the Fulani ethnic group. The ulterior motive is to oppose the Malians in order to further destabilize the country and defeat the transition in its desire to deeply rebuild the Malian state.

And this through bold political and institutional reforms not only to impose virtuous governance, but also to forge a political and economic base for increasingly assumed national sovereignty. And France naturally pays the price since it refuses to understand that Malians want another form of uninhibited and non-paternalistic relationship with its partners.

France is accustomed to this kind of practice in the world, particularly in Africa. Who does not remember the Rwandan genocide in which she is accused of being the main instigator? As recalled by the Minister of Territorial Administration and Decentralization (government spokesman), Colonel Abdoulaye Maïga, Mali was right to drive out the French ambassador in our country and also to suspend the media from French propaganda,France 24 and RFIwho were visibly determined to play in our country the sinister role of theRadio Thousand Hillsin the Rwandan genocide perpetrated between April 7 and July 17, 1994 with between 800,000 and 1,000,000 dead, mostly Tutsis.

Today it is clear that, a few weeks before the closure of the last base of the Barkhane force (end of August) in Mali, France seems to be seeking to divide the Malians and create chaos as if to say: “after me the deluge! The master thinkers of theMacroniehave also said, to anyone who wants to listen, that Mali will sink into chaos and anarchy after the military withdrawal of France. And since then, they have been working as arsonists in this direction by trying to oppose the Malians by all means.

Faced with the serious accusations made by Emmanuel Macron in Bissau, the silence of the Malian political class and the Fulani community is deafening and very difficult to interpret. Even as the foundations of national unity are being undermined by a hostile power in full view of all.

The same goes for the manipulation by the French media of the Algerian president’s remarks on Mali in order to probably oppose Mali and Algeria. All these proceed from a planned destabilization of Mali. Fortunately, the people seem more informed and support the authorities who did not hesitate to put the French president in his rightful place.

Indeed, in a statement issued last Sunday (August 31, 2022), the government condemned the “hateful and defamatory remarksheld by Emmanuel Macron on a visit to Guinea Bissau. “These serious accusations are likely to arouse ethnic hatred and undermine living together, cohesion and harmony among Malians.“, lamented the press release also read on the set of the ORTM. For the government spokesman, Colonel Abdoulaye Maïga, President Macron must remember the “negative role and responsibility of France in the orchestrated genocide of the Tutsisby France in 1994.

Judging “subversives“the remarks made by the French president in Bissau, the government demanded of President Macron”to definitively abandon its neocolonial, paternalistic and condescending position» while inviting him to understand that «no one can love Mali better than the Malians themselves“.

This is the most appropriate response that we could give to this arsonist who thinks that the Malian people are prevented from expressing “its popular sovereignty“. It is time for him to understand, if he really wants to save the day on our continent, that it is French policy in Mali, even in the Sahel and in Africa, that the vast majority of Malians and Africans continue to reject.

Hachi Cisse

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