The Chamber of Deputies meets this Tuesday afternoon to accept the resignation of its head, Sergio Massa, who will assume this Wednesday as Minister of Economy, Productive Development and Agriculture. The session begins at 2:00 p.m. the Frente de Todos (FdT) bloc proposes Cecilia Moreau to preside over that body. “Argentina needs the courage to build consensus”, Massa said at the time of saying goodbye to his position.

“I want to thank each deputy and deputy. If this place taught me anything, it is to listen much more than to speak, it is to learn to tolerate, it is to live with differences, is to try until the last moment, many times with positive results and many times with negative results, to seek agreements. But above all things, it taught me to value and respect the task that each one of you carries out,” acknowledged the now former president of the Chamber.

The new economy minister pointed out that even though legislators “can think differently on many issues,” they all “have an enormous passion for trying to build a slightly better place for Argentina.”

The emotional farewell of the FDT bloc

Minutes before entering the venue, Massa participated in an emotional meeting of the FDT bloc that It included tears and hugs between the appointed Minister of Economy and his fellow members of the block.

The bench of FDT deputies met this afternoon to ratify the nomination of the current vice president of the ruling bloc and, in this context, Massa joined to say goodbye to his peers prior to the special session in which his resignation as legislator will be discussed. after being elected in October 2019.

In the emotional meeting, there was no shortage of hugs, tears, photos and wishes for “good luck” in the mission that he will lead an expanded portfolio that brings together the Ministries of Economy, Productive Development, and Agriculture.


After participating in the block meeting, Massa joined what will be the last meeting of Parliamentary Labor in the “Delia Parodi” Hall, where he entered with the thermos and the mate in his hands.

In this area, he also exchanged hugs with a group of opposition legislators such as Mario Negri, Cristian Ritondo and Omar De Marchi.

“Cecilia Moreau has the conditions to play a very good role”

For his part, the national deputy of the Front for All, Jose Luis Giojarevealed that there was a very emotional meeting with Massa prior to the start of the session, while highlighting that the appointment of Cecilia Moreau was resolved throughout the space: “The block unanimously fired deputy Massa and unanimously proposed that the president be the compañera Cecilia Moreau, she meets all the conditions to play a very good role”.

And he added about the incoming president: “We are convinced that Cecilia has all the vocation, capacity and desire to do things well. She knows the Chamber, the regulations, she has participated in all the meetings, she has been a direct collaborator of Sergio, He knows how he is. He has the experience and all that helps him to manage very well”.

Earlier, Moreau’s candidacy was also endorsed by the president of the Frente de Todos (FdT) block in the Chamber of Deputies, Germán Martínez, and assured that the legislator “is going to build bridges with the opposition” to reconcile between the forces policies.

“We need a person who tells us as a block that we are the ones who make the proposal and who has the vocation to build bridges with the opposition. Cecilia He is going to do it and with the passing of days they are going to realize that is a person trained to build consensus“, he highlighted.

Likewise, Martínez stressed that Moreau has “a parliamentary career, a clear link with all sectors of the opposition to work with everyone and based on that, he has a profile that can do a lot of good for the Chamber.”

“It is true that at this time when these things are being discussed, some may have a more critical view, but I know her and she is going to be an excellent president of the Chamber,” he concluded.

Massa’s resignation in Congress

Massa announced on Twitter on Sunday that today he is formalizing his resignation as president and his bench, and stressed that he will take this step “with conviction and commitment, without doubt or speculation.”

When Massa resigned from his bench, it was up to him to swear as a deputy to the President of the Piquetero Party, Juan Marinoa 34-year-old leader who currently works as an official in the Ministry of Development of the Buenos Aires Community, led by La Cámpora leader Andrés “Cuervo” Larroque.

The position of Together for Change

The interbloc of Together for Change (JxC) will abstain in the vote to elect Cecilia Moreau as successor to the body’s president Sergio Massa. This was reported by the president of the radical bloc, Mario Negri, upon entering the Chamber of Deputies, which today will hold a special session at 2:00 p.m. promoted by the FdT to accept Massa’s resignation and elect the new head of the body.

“It’s up to the first minority, which is the ruling party, to have the presidency of the Chamber of Deputies. This change is for four months because in December all the authorities of the lower house are elected again. We are going to abstain today” , anticipated Negri.

The radical leader added: “As president of the Chamber you have to have balance and control passions, because you are president of the whole body. It is not a matter of running over, the numbers are very even, because in that case we will not do well. Let’s hope that in these four months the Chamber works according to the urgent problems that society has”.

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