‘Asking in the street’; Saltillans point out lack of information on public transport routes

After authorization from Saltillo Town Hall to increase the public transport rate by two pesos, citizens have expressed problems related to the service, such as the lack of information to know the routes through which each unit travels.

“Asking people on the street… Hey, which combi takes me here and where does it go? And now, that’s how I found out”, explained Saltillans in an open survey carried out by Vanguardia in social networks.

Faced with the questioning of how Saltillans find out about the routes of public transportusers highlighted the inefficiency that exists in the service to transmit this information.

There were even those who said they had to ask the drivers the colonies through which they pass, in addition to having had to get lost.

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As part of the solutions suggested by the citizens themselves, they highlighted the creation of an exclusive mobile application to provide information on public transport, as well as a website, placing maps at truck stops or having brochures with the routes outlined by which each unit passes.

In addition to the issue of the routes, citizens pointed out other areas of opportunity related to the conditions of the trucks, such as improving lighting inside and placing the neighborhoods through which the unit circulates in a visible way.

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“Before Lost they had the name of the neighborhood or main street where they circulated.

Today they are by numbers, and they are very deficient”, explained a woman named Lulú.

$!Users highlighted the lack of maintenance of some units.

Users stressed the lack of maintenance of some units.

“The only thing I ask is that they at least illuminate the signs indicating which route it is with those LED bulbs and that they put the correct lighting on the inside, because at night they look like a seedy den. And that they pass at least every 10 minutes … ”, said a user named Héctor.

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There are options, in apps and websites

Through the digital stores of the App Store and Play Store, mobile applications are available that show public transport routes in various cities in Mexico, including Saltillo.

“Enrutate” allows you to find a route from various points in the town, indicating which transport unit to take. However, these are apps without verification and for which the latest updates regarding the routes shown are unknown.

The same thing happens with the “Ruta Directa” website, which provides information on local transport.

When does the new rate take effect?

With the approval of the increase of two pesos in the public transport rate, the costs will remain at 15 pesos in general, 13 pesos with a card and preferential rate, and 8 pesos for students.

However, the date for these rates to come into force has not yet been defined, as it must first be published in the Official Newspaper of the State of Coahuila.

Source: Vanguardia

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