What's Coming to Netflix in August

What’s Coming to Netflix in August

* The Big Fudge: Woodstock 1999. Miniseries. August 3rd.

Fires, riots, and rapes were the big notes of the Woodstock end of the millennium. The Altamont of generation X is revisited with unpublished images and interviews with those who were part of that cultural molotov. “When you see it with your own eyes, it’s ten times more shocking,” he recalls. Jonathan David of Korn.

* Sandman. Series. August 5.

Morpheus, master and lord of the dream, is already among us. The cult comic, considered unfilmable for a long time, finally arrives with its audiovisual version. The story of the boss of dreams consists of eleven episodes based on the first three parts of the saga. the very Neil Gaman defend tooth and nail the transposition starring Tom Sturridge.

* Sump. Feature film. August 5.

The production Made in Korea comes to complete the monthly locker of the red N dedicated to action, fights, chases and a global pandemic. Jon Won plays a forgetful agent with a mission against the clock: save a young woman who would be the salvation of a virus. If he doesn’t, he will explode the bomb that has been implanted in her mouth.

* I just killed my father. Documentary miniseries. August 9.

In 2019, a 17-year-old teenager from Louisiana testified to murdering his father. Anthony Temple He called 911, made the confession and pleaded not guilty. The truecrime, directed by Skye Borgman (Girl in the picture), investigates the mind of the victimizer and the actions of a case with truculent edges.

* The Thieves: The True Story of the Robbery of the Century. Documentary film. August 10.

The subtitle makes it clear. The production examines the events and gives voice to the characters involved in the emblematic coup against Banco Río de Acassuso in January 2006. The work of Matthias Gueilburt gets into the preparation, the execution of a plan -almost perfect- and the current life of those who perpetrated the coup. It has exclusive testimonials, recreations, some heist and quite a farce.

* I never (third season). Series. August 12

this quirky coming of age follows Devi (Maitreyi Ramakrishnan) and her day to day in high school, romances and family life. What distinguishes it? Her flavor of American and Indian pop. The series was created by Mindy Kalling (office, Thand Mindy Project).

* Day shift. Feature film. August 12.

Jamie Foxx, Dave Franco and Snoop Dogg lead this vampire comedy reminiscent of From Twilight to dawn. A pool man and bloodsucker hunter seeks to earn a living in the San Fernando Valley.

* No return. Feature film. 17 of August

The 2010 drama, starring Leonardo Sbaraglia, Martin Slipak and Federico Luppi, roll again in streaming. A man blamed for a crime he didn’t commit. A kid who fled from a traffic accident. The father of a victim seeking justice. Three intertwined stories in this Argentine-Spanish co-production directed by Michael Cohan.

* Cleo. Series. August 19.

In this killing eve Made in Germany, a former Stasi agent is released from prison after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Journey of self-discovery and revenge aboard a pop staging.

* sports secrets (second season). Documentary series. August 23rd

New volume for the saga that gets into the most unexpected and wild side of sport. Each episode begins with a key event and then delves into what happened beyond the headlines. Crimes, sins and some glory.

* The KEOP/S system. Feature film. August 24.

After a recent stint on the big screen, this conspiracy comedy directed and written by Nicolás Goldbart (Phase 7). daniel hendler embodies a screenwriter who lives his own after hour.

* Time for me. Feature film. August 28.

“Uneven couple” and “crazy weekend”. the comedy of John Hamburg (My girlfriend Polly; I Love You, Man) is the latest example of algorithmic production. Mark Wahlberg and Kevin Hart They are two forty-year-olds facing a unique moment: for the first time in years they have time to give it to her in the pear.

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