This is the tattoo with nanotechnology that they are developing to monitor your health

This is the tattoo with nanotechnology that they are developing to monitor your health

A group of researchers from South Korea is working on the design of a tattoo equipped with nanotechnology with which they intend to be able to monitor aspects of your health, for the moment you have to connect to a device, but the objective is to integrate a chip so that You can access the information at any time.

We have more and more tools to control our health status, with smartphone apps or smart watches, but this group of researchers from the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) wanted to go even further.

If it was enough for us with a smartphone, which we carry everywhere, this group has developed an electronic ink for tattoos that when connected to an electrocardiogram or similar device it is capable of sending a heart rate reading and other signs such as glucose and lactate to a monitor.

This ink is made of a liquid metal, which is special because it is not invasive to the skin, and carbon nanotubes that are responsible for conducting the electricity that sends the signals. For now, for this tattoo to work it has to be connected to a device that is capable of reading and translating the signals which collects.

Reuters / The device necessary to read the signals collected by the tattoo

“In the future, what we hope to do is connect a wireless chip embedded with this ink, so that we can communicate, or we can send signals between our body and an external device,” project leader Steve Park said. Reuters.

In turn, the researchers hope that everyone can have a monitor in their own home to translate what the tattoo contains, and they do not have to go to a specialized center to do the checks.

This ink has been tested for water and even rubbing and in all tests the tattoo has remained intact, exceeding expectations. It is true that it is still a test, and we are going to need much more time for this technology to reach our homes, but this is just one more example of the speed at which technology evolves.


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